Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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Download Demo Tape Elton John Song REMEMBER and Video The Art of Bernie Taupin


SoundBytes: Thompson Square, Bernie Taupin, the Tandoori Knights and more

-- About once or twice a year, The Round-Up in Tampa will surprise everyone and pull a great country show out of their 10-gallon hat. On Sept. 23, look for rising country duo Thompson Square (singers of Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not and I Got You, and most recently seen opening for Jason Aldean at the 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheatre) at the bar. Tickets are $10-$15. Click here.
-- Because this is not a concert, we're afraid it can't qualify for Soundcheck's coveted 2011 WTF Concert of the Year Award. But we might give it an honorary shout-out. Bernie Taupin, the legendary songwriter best known for his works with Elton John, will exhibit some of his artwork in late September and early October at Michael Murphy Gallery M (2701N S MacDill Ave., Tampa). He'll appear in person on Oct. 1-2. Click here for the full details.
-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*

BERNIE TAUPIN VIDEO Michael Murphy Gallery M
2701 S. MacDill Ave., Tampa, FL, 33629

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Bernie Taupin Exhibit: "Beyond Words"

Saturday, Oct 1 6:00p to 9:00p
Michael Murphy Gallery, Tampa's premier Fine Art Gallery, presents "Beyond Words", an extraordinary collection of contemporary artworks by legendary songwriter and lyricist Bernie Taupin.
Beginning Sept. 24, the public will be able to preview the artwork at Michael Murphy Gallery. Exhibition previews will run through Oct. read more

Elton John - Remember 1981


Brian May, Robert Plant And Elton John Join Fight Against Hunger

(RTTNews) - Brian May Robert Plant and Elton John have signed up to fundraise for the Save the Children's East Africa charity. Currently, many children in the region are malnourished and/or starving.
In addition to May, Plant and Elton, several additional big names have lent their names to the cause including Paul McCartney, Coldplay, the Rolling Stones, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Madonna, Lady Gaga and others.
Each of the artists will post a short video on their official Facebook page or Twitter account. The vids will include information on how fans can join the fight against hunger. In addition, the videos will be set to the music of Bob Marley's 1973 classic, "High Tide or Low Tide."
Marley's widow, Rita, is a passionate advocate for Save the Children East Africa. She spoke to Us Weekly regarding the charity:
"Not one child should suffer. Along with Save the Children, we must stand up together as friends to put a stop to this, to feed our children and to save their lives."
by RTT Staff Writer

The Top 10 Best Elton John Songs from the 90s
Ryan Drew
Ryan Drew, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Aug 4, 2011 "Contribute content like this. Start Here."

The late 80's found Elton John's career struggling to survive. Not only that, but the man Reginald Dwight was also struggling to survive. Luckily, in the early 90's, John entered rehab. He was able to quit abusing alcohol and drugs, and start concentrating on more important things, like the Elton John AIDS Foundation and his music career. The 90's would bring Elton John back into the bright spotlight that had faded in 1976. And though his music was still seen as mainstream adult contemporary, he was still able to churn out a number of great tunes. Here is a list of the 10 best Elton John songs from the 90s.

10) Latitude

Bet you never heard of this Elton John song before. It's off the Made in England album. It's a fun mid-tempo little number that holds no weight. It's not bogged down with emotion. It's just a good sing-along ditty. Sometimes, especially on an album like Made in England, you need a song that lets your breathe. This is that song. Reminiscent of songs like Grimsby off the Caribou album.

Best Lyric: "And latitude, fold back the morning and bring out the night. There's an alien moon, that hangs between darkness and light."

9) The Last Song

Not since 1976's Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word has Elton released a song so depressing that it makes you want to jump out a window. Despite its dark and depressing nature, The Last Song is a truly remarkable song. It tells the story of a young man dying of AIDS, and a father who has finally learned to accept him. It's a sad unfortunate tale that probably gets told all too often. You won't hear this song played in the clubs or at a party, but it's a great tune in time of reflection. And it gives the listener a reminder that things can always be worse.

Best Lyric: "Cuz I never thought I'd lose. I only thought I'd win. I never dreamed I'd feel this fire beneath my skin. I can't believe you love me. I guess I misjudged love, between a father and his son."

8) Something About the Way You Look Tonight

At the time of its release, Something about the Way You Look Tonight was a typical Elton John song. Lyrically, it was simple and easy to understand. And musically, it was just as simple. But that's what made this song great. 30 years after Elton John wrote Your Song, a simple melody onto itself, he was still able to create masterpieces out of simplicity. Something About the Way You Look Tonight follows in the vein of Elton's love song classic like I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues and Harmony. Sure, it may be a little more sugary. And yes, his voice is coarser. But the song works. It should be noted this song was released as a double A side single with Candle in the Wind 97. So technically, Something About The Way You Look Tonight is the biggest selling single of all time.

Best Lyric: "There was a time; I was everything and nothing all in one."

7) Cold

For a brief time in the mid 90's, it seemed as if Elton John went back in time to 1975. Because the song Cold, track five from the Made in England album, could have been written alongside classics like Someone Saved My Life Tonight and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. It's sentimental and heartbreaking, but not too slow that it's dragging. It keeps a smooth flowing tempo. The song and its lyrics are too sophisticated for the radio public, a problem that many of Elton John's album tracks run into. It's the type of song you want to listen to after having your heart broken and you just want to cry it all out.

Best Lyric: " I don't love you is like a stake, being driven through your heart."

6) Live Like Horses

In 1997, Elton John released the album The Big Picture. And though it reached number 9 on the Billboard charts, it was quite a dark and boring album. The majority of the songs were numb and plotting, and typical color by number fair. But of the couple of songs that stood, Live Like Horses was the grandest. A stallion of a song, the six minute tune makes slow progress through the verses and then slams you with a large verbose chorus. It's the closest Elton John will ever get to singing like Luciano Pavoratti, who later did a duet of this song with Elton John.

Best Lyric: "Someday we'll live, like horses. Free reign, from your old iron fences."

5) Believe

Elton John seemed to be on a roll in 1995. The Made in England album was one of his best albums in years. And the song Believe was the first single off the album. It's not very often that Elton John strays from the routine that brought him to the dance, but Believe is a very different song for Elton. It was darker and more powerful. And it didn't follow the typical verse/chorus/verse/chorus song structure that Elton typically employs. It is a great song that Elton still sings to this day.

Best Lyric: "Judges and dictators. Politics and papers. Everything crumbles, sooner or later. But love. I believe in love."

4) Made In England

In 2007, Elton John released The Captain and the Kid album. It was an autobiographical album and a follow-up to their first autobiographical Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy. However, unofficially, 1995's Made in England was the follow up. And the title track, Made in England is a perfect example of this. The song is similar to I'm Still Standing, except it has an edgier feel. Whereas I'm Still Standing was pure pop, Made in England is more rock and roll. The tune is also interesting lyrically. It's not very often you hear the words "blue cantina" in a rock song.

Best Lyric: "I was made in England, out of Cadillac muscle. Face down, on the playground. Crying God send me a brother."

3) Circle of Life

Although Elton John regained some media attention when he released The One, in 1994, Elton received even more media attention. Elton was enlisted by Disney to write music for their upcoming film The Lion King. The movie ended up being a massive success. Elton's music was being heard on radio waves on a scale he hadn't seen since the early 70s. Although Elton ended up winning a Grammy Award for the track Can You Feel the Love Tonight, his other contribution, Circle of Life, edges out its sister. The song is delightful, inspirational and spiritual, without being corny and sappy.

Best Lyric: "It's the wheel of fortune. It's the leap of faith. It's the band of hope."

2) The One

Elton John's first big hit after successfully completing rehab was The One. The song also told the world: "This bitch is back." The master of the love song returned to full overblown glory with his hit song. In 1992, you couldn't turn on a radio without hearing this well marketed masterpiece. Elton even played the song at the MTV Music Awards.

The tune would live on in infamy, as a very popular first dance at wedding's worldwide.

Best Lyric: "When stars collide. Like you and I. No shadows black the sun. You're all I ever needed. Baby you're the one."

1) Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me

Yes, I know the song was originally written in 1974. But the popular song from the 70's enjoyed a rebirth in 1992, when Elton John and George Michael collaborated for the album Duets. The song was taped live at a concert overseas and adds to the track more than it distracts. George Michael's soft voice mixed with Elton's lower register made for odd but a beautiful pairing. The song helped both individuals remain relevant. George was trying to stay popular after a series of popular singles and Elton was trying to get back into the spotlight. This song did both.

Best Lyric: "But these cuts I have, oh they need love to help them heal."

Elton John had a song in the Billboard top 40 every year since 1969. For 30 consecutive years, Elton released at least one single that got massive airplay. In 1999, that streak ended. Despite the streak ending, Elton still remained popular. If you get a chance, check out some of Elton John's top 10 best songs of the 90's.
Christina Aguilera, Elton John, and Elizabeth Taylor at the 2005 EJAF Academy Awards Viewing Party, Photo: KMazur/WireImage

Christina Aguilera, Elton John, and Elizabeth Taylor at the 2005 EJAF Academy Awards Viewing Party, Photo: KMazur/WireImage
August 1, 2011
Hollywood Reporter features EJAF
Elton's Oscar parties piece of cover story
By John F. Higgins/
The July 29, 2011 special issue of The Hollywood Reporter focusing on philanthropy includes a two-page spread on the Elton John AIDS Foundation's Academy Awards Viewing Party entitled "Fundraising with Oscar Flair." The issue is available on newsstands and on line at The Hollywood Reporter.
The article features photographs from several Academy Awards Viewing Parties over the past 19 years, along with quotes from Elton about the significance of each event, the contributions that have been made by Hollywood stars, and the platform the Party provides to raise awareness, build relationships, and forge new partnerships in the fight against AIDS.
The Elton John AIDS Foundation was established in the United States in 1992 (EJAF-US) and in the United Kingdom in 1993 (EJAF-UK) by Sir Elton John. Together, both entities have raised more than $225 million for worthy programs in 55 countries around the globe since inception. For more information, please visit

Open Question

Elton' Concert 1986 Tour de Force Who was there that show?

Elton' Concert 1986 Tour de Force
Who was there that show???

I am a big fan of Elton John. And I was the one who started a kind of movement
over internet during the last 5 years, in order to call the attention of producers and owners of the audiovisual
material recorded it during those months (december 1986)
The simple idea was to get acces to remastereded video on dvd of that show. Fortunately about 3 year later since we started this
call, it came up a dvd version of that concert but apparently unofficialal and only available on internet.
Giving that isn't an official release, many songs are missing.
Finally I could download from internet a version (from a tape) absolutely unpublished and clearly bootleged from somewhere; and from somebody who only God knows how they did to conserve that material for so many years???
The quality of what I'm talking about is quite poor. But this bootleg version include many songs that are not included in the better version on sale.
Cause I am a video editor I could remasterize by my own merging two concerts and creating just one; adding songs that are missing in the first video in better quality.
I must o add, that I do know that this concert was saled on VHS version, and then in LD. But according what I do know, it has never
realesed an oficial full version.
Sooo.... I wonder if anybody who read this forum, may tell me if could be there?? and if it is so
what do you remember??
how do you get to that concert??
how many hours do you spent there??
what happened between the switch of the band?? at the moment when it joined the MSO to elton's band
did you must wait for too long???
(I supose that was needed a half of hour to move up from one stage to another)
did you had fun??
if you are a trully Elton's Fan, did you see that night as something unique??
do you still have any souvenir from that night??
what do you feel today listining the music today?? nostalgia??

This question is only for Elton's enthusiastics

Thanks a lot for your thoughts :-)
  • 23 hours ago
  • - 3 days left to answer.

Answers (3)

lakwatsa by lakwatsa
  • I am a big fan of Elton John and I was able to watch him once and only once in my lifetime (so far), in Sydney and I don't remember what year it was. I collect CDs and DVDs of EJ concerts, too, and watch these every so often with visitors. Sometimes, I watch these DVDs alone, and I am just as happy. My favorite EJ song of all time is Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
  • Mark by Mark
    I was just 1 year old in 1986. So obviously, I would not know.
  • Med by Med
    Contributing In:
    I like old songs. I came across Elton John when he sang at Diana's funeral Got interested and I bought a CD. He is cool - - was in the news for adopting a child, together with his "husband". So new age.

Elton John Glasses

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 | Celebrities
Article by Kevin Styles
If there was ever a celebrity who was well known for wearing spectacles, it must be Elton John. Born in 1947 and so a long time before alternativessuch as Lasix became available to correct myopia, Elton started wearing glasses from a very early age.
Born into a very modest household, in his younger days he would depend on the national health service for his spectacles. Perhaps it was the lack of fashion spectacles that were available from the service that instilled in him the desire for more flamboyant eyewear.
With the debut album Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd., Elton’s road to fame and subsequent riches began as did the start of his huge glasses collection. Nobody really knows exactly how many pairs of spectacles Elton has bought and worn over his career, one of the earliest comments that he made about his spectacles collection was in 2002 when he claimed to own over 2000 pairs of spectacles. More recently in an interview with BBC radio two, he increased this estimate to over 20,000 pairs of glasses-probably the largest privately owned glasses collection in the world. He was quoted in the interview as saying that he would rather buy eyeglasses than any other high-tech gadgets and will likely continue to do so.
Elton John is not only known for the vast quantity of glasses that he owns, but also for the outrageous styles of spectacles that he has been known to wear for his stage shows and public outings. The classic pair of spectacles that really started his reputation for being prepared to wear almost any attention grabbing spectacles were the ostrich feather festooned glasses that accompanied his feather boa outfit on the Capt. fantastic tour. Another pair of glasses made famous on the Capt. fantastic tour were comprised of 57 individual lights that when ignited spelled-his name and were bright enough to be seen from the back of the concert hall.
His fascination for glasses extended also into his artistic life, when he premiered the play “Elton John’s Glasses” in Watford in 1997. This comedy was well-received by the drama critics and continued on tour for the next year, eventually finishing at the London’s Queens Theatre on July 11, 1998. He had managed to combine three of his great loves in one outing: soccer, glasses and the dramatic arts.
As Elton has aged somewhat gracefully, so has his taste in the glassesthat he wears in public. Recent sightings of Elton wearing glasses have shown a much more conservative style when worn in public, and even his stage shows have featured a much less flamboyant style of spectacles.
Obviously his glasses collection has been expensive to accrue, but no doubt Elton can afford it and continues to add to it. Not known for his frugal lifestyle, he has been known to spend as much as 30 million pounds in under two years supporting a lavish lifestyle. This included spending over £293,000 on flowers in under a year, and when asked about it he replied “Yes, I like flowers”.
It is difficult to estimate the cost of the value of the glasses that Elton has purchased over the span of his 40 year career, but if he can spend that much on flowers in less than a year, it is most likely that he has spent considerably more than this on his glasses over the years. Many of his glasses now reside in other collections or displays, with some of the most famous glasses insured for up to £5000 each.
The highest price paid at auction for a pair of Elton John’s glasses in recent times, was in 2010 when the pair mentioned above that spelled out his name in 57 lights were purchased by the Hard Rock Cafe for almost ,000. This was a bit of an exception however, as typically when is glasses come up for sale at auction, they sell in the range of -00. The other pair mentioned above with the feather trimmed glasses lenses, although iconic in the history of Elton John’s glasses, sold in the same auction for just 00.
Adding it all up though, it would still imply that Elton’s glasses collection today could well be worth in excess of million. If you were to buy normal glasses online for this amount of money, you could fill a warehouse the size of four football fields.
About the Author
Spex4less provide a wide range of spectacles, varifocal glasses and prescription reglaze of glasses online.Designer Glasses are also available from our online glasses store


Ted Carfrae, My Life In Music: Gus Dudgeon, Me And Kiki Dee - The Rocket Records Remastering Project Part 2

TCM Music Group’s Ted Carfrae continues from last Friday’s blog with his recollection of working with Kiki Dee and Gus Dudgeon…..
Bernie, Elton and Gus.
Apart from the aforementioned unreleased albums, of course there were the tapes for the four classic albums; 1973’s ‘Loving & Free’, 1974’s ‘I’ve Got The Music in Me’, 1977 ‘Kiki Dee’ and 1978’s ‘Stay With Me Baby’ produced by my all time favourite engineer/producer, Bill Schnee.
Gus and I spent a few days pre-mastering ideas, playing around with digital mastering equipment we had borrowed and decided to burn off a set of CD’s and live with them for a few weeks and then come back to finish off and make any changes that were needed.
Both he and I had other commitments to attend to so we said we would touch base soon and sort out a date, shook hands and said our goodbyes. That would be the last time I would ever talk to Gus because unfortunately, he died in a tragic car accident along with his wife a week or so later.
It was an awful shock to everyone who knew him. I didn’t know Gus that well, only a couple of years and more work colleagues I guess, but he was an amazing presence in this industry, a true original character and I feel blessed to have worked with him because he filled the place with laughter and was a complete joy to be around.
Naturally, the mastering project was rightly shelved, I packed the tapes away and returned them to the warehouse and put the DAT and CD transfers in a drawer where they stayed.
Some years later I decided to move out of London and relocate to a beautiful village in Kent and while building my new studio, I stumbled across the masters I had done with Gus in a drawer. Quite by chance, Kiki Dee was playing in concert at my local hall with her long time music partner Carmelo Luggeri so we decided to go along and see the show and if there was a chance, I would mention the masters I had done with Gus.
The show was fantastic of course and after the show she was busy signing autographs so I decided to leave it. For about a week after the concert, these tapes were on my mind. I eventually decided to contact Kiki direct to see if she wanted to have them and maybe she could use them. Within days Kiki called me back, we met for lunch and a friendship began. She told me that Elton had actually given her ownership of the master tapes so over a period of months, we toyed with the idea of trying to get all the albums properly released.
I contacted a good friend of mine at EMI called Steve Davis and arranged an initial meeting with him to discuss my ideas and straight off he was interested and wanted to meet Kiki. We set the meeting up and after a lot of discussion over the following months, the deal was signed.
It was quite a unique deal in some ways because not only were EMI going to release all five original albums on CD for the first time, but they were also going to re-release  Kiki and Carmelo’s latest album, the excellent ‘Walk Of Faith’ along with earlier albums, ‘Where Rivers Meet’ and ‘Naked’.
All the albums were scheduled for release in the spring of 2008 with me acting as executive producer for the project. I decided to approach the mastering from a fresh perspective and enlisted the talent of Geoff Pesch at Abbey Road Studios in London.
Kiki and I worked hard on finding some great content for the CD booklets. She arranged for all of her photo shoots to be shipped in from the Rocket archives and there were some real treasures along with thousands of newspaper cuttings of her massively successful US tours and interviews. I arranged for literally hundreds of previously unseen slides to be transferred to disc and Kiki and I spent weeks picking all the photos specifically for each album booklet.
I have to say it was such a fun time sitting alone with Kiki ploughing through all of this stuff, listening to all the anecdotes, it was an amazing time. I then enlisted the talent of another dear friend, journalist Chris White to write the new sleeve notes and in April 2008 all of Kiki’s albums were finally released by EMI and I strongly recommend them all.
Speaking of anecdotes, Kiki told me a fantastic one about my all time favourite vocal on her classic recording of the song ‘Stay With Me Baby’.
Evidently, back in the late seventies when Kiki was living in LA, the song was released as a single and she ran into Patti Labelle at a party and Patti told her it was one of the best vocal performances she had ever heard and it deserved to get a Grammy, praise indeed. Well it didn’t win the Grammy but it is to this day a master class vocal performance and for me personally, I distinctly remember listening to Kiki’s version of this incredible song all those years ago when I was a young assistant engineer and it set the standard for the level of feeling, power and production I wanted to achieve on my own records someday and that still stands today.
Over the years I often refer to that one track as a supreme example of the perfect vocal take, full of passion and feeling.  If you don’t know Kiki Dee’s music, do yourself a real favour, get the albums off Amazon and  listen to one of the best voices of all time.

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