Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
A trajetória da carreira de Elton John em capitulos

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WIn a Chance to Go See Elton John in Las Vegas

WIn a Chance to Go See Elton John in Las Vegas
October 19, 2011
Win a Trip to see Elton John in Las Vegas
Win a Trip to see Elton John in Las Vegas
Five 2nd place prizes:
• 2 tickets to “Elton John The Million Dollar Piano” at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in February, 2012
• Standard hotel accommodations for 2-night stay at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas
• 2 round-trip coach airfare tickets to Las Vegas
• Ground transportation from Las Vegas airport and hotel
Twenty-five 3rd place prizes:
• 2 tickets to “Elton John The Million Dollar Piano” at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada in May, 2012. Air/ground transportation, hotel accommodations and other expenses not included and is the sole responsibility of winner.
Restrictions: 21+, Not Canada Entry Types: Facebook Winner Announced On: December 22, 2011 Travel Dates: February 2012 Entry Limit: Once Last Day to Enter: December 15, 2011

Elton John video clip The One

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Elton John video vob

Elton John Elton John, whose birth name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight, is a living legend of rock and pop music performing on the scene for the whole 40 years and has won general acknowledgement as a musician, singer and composer. According to Rolling Stone magazine lists, Elton John is among the greatest performers of all time. He influenced greatly on the development of pop and rock music and from the beginning of his musical activity he has sold more than 250 million copies of his studio works. 

In his early childhood Elton John was fond of playing the piano, having given preference to classics. And he was so good at it that at the age of 11 he was invited to the Royal Academy of Music. However, in due course his interest in classics changed into an interest in more actual for the moment directions and a newcomer star of the world scene began to imitate his favourite performers gradually becoming a virtuoso of a piano playing. 

At this time he began to write his own songs performing them and compositions of other composers in London performance clubs and in 1961 he became a member of a blues-rock band «Bluesology». During six years, playing in this band, Reginald Dwight became famous owing to the fact that «Bluesology» reached summit of popularity as the best performers of music of chosen genre. And in 1967 he started his solo career under stage name Elton John and found for his music an ideal textwriter in the person of young Bernie Taupin. During long years they were an ideal tandem and none of Elton John's composition was written without Taupin's texts. 

His first studio single entitled «I’ve Been Loving You» Elton John released in Great Britain in 1968 and in 1969 he released his debut album «Empty Sky». For the first time Elton John entered the top ten of Billboard with his single «Your Song» released in October, 1969 and from this moment his compositions haven't left the UK charts. 

Soon American audience could estimate at newcomer star's works true worth. In 1970 the musician signed a contract with Universal Records and released in the USA his first album «Elton John» that became gold afterwards. Peak of popularity of a young British performer fell on the middle of the 1970s. He won the audience not only by his diverse repertoire but also by his bold freaks on the scene, having startled the audience with scandalous conduct and bizarre outfit. By this time Elton John performed in the band formed by him where, besides Elton himself, there were three more musicians. At the same time Elton John formed his own label Rocket Records products of which were distributed in Europe as well as overseas. 

In 1973 with album «Good-bye Yellow Brick Road» Elton John became the first in the Billboard Chart and in 1975 his first album «Empty Sky» released in the USA at a moment appeared in the Top Ten. The musician received his deserved star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood and became one of the most outstanding persons on the world musical arena. 

Elton John's fame affected the business relations with Bernie Taupin who was not any more a leading writer of a creative duet. At first Taupin wrote texts and Elton John composed but then the situation changed that finally resulted in a breakup of two talented person alliances. Elton John took it very hard and it had an effect on several compositions released without participation of Taupin. However the failure period didn't last for long and soon Elton John returned to the ranks not having turned into a «dinosaur» of rock music as many "well-wishers" prophesied him. 

Moreover, starting from the 1980s Elton John, at last, has begun to receive the most prestigious awards. He has five Grammy Awards, together with Bernie Taupin he was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and in 1998, for his active philanthropic activity and assistance to HIV positive children, Elton John  was knighted.
Artist/Group: Elton John
Music Video: The One
Release : 2008
Style: Pop

Elton John “Honky Chateau” Gold RIAA LP White Matte Record Award

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By the mid 70′s Elton John had turned out a series of superb albums and singles that established him as a giant in music.  In Elton’s four decade career he has sold more than  250,000,000 records.
“Honky Chateau” is the first of seven #1 albums in a row. Released in May of 1972, it was certified gold by the RIAA on July 24, 1972. Above is a first presentation “white matte” that is the correct RIAA format of the period

60 Seconds With… Paul Gambaccini


How has being out impacted your career?
You know, I used to be asked occasionally – though I rarely am now – have you ever experienced discrimination in your career because you were out? Nowadays it doesn’t matter. At one point it would have been an issue, but I never gave it a second’s notice. If anybody was going to deprive me of an opportunity because I was gay, well, why would I wanna work with them anyway? And I wasn’t going to be acquiescent in my own annihilation.
How are times different now to when you were starting out?
Well I knew very well that, at least until the late 70s, the BBC had personnel files. And on the files of gay people there were Christmas trees.
Like, literally, ‘as camp as Christmas’?
Exactly. I’m not kidding! I had a Christmas tree on my BBC personnel file! Of course on one level we all laughed at how ridiculous this was, but on the other hand it was deadly serious. Because this was still the era where it was thought that gay people might be a threat to the nation’s security because there had been gay spies from Cambridge.
The Daily Telegraph had a two-page article: Is There A Homosexual Conspiracy? You know, was the country run by gay people? What a preposterous suggestion. I mean, as if anyone could keep it secret if they were running the world?
Of course the other change has been how big the whole gay thing has grown. It started out as the Gay Rights Movement, then it became, quite rightly, Gay and Lesbian. Then when it became LGBT. And when I first encountered that, I wasn’t actually sure which of the possibilities the ‘T’ stood for, because when I was born there was no gender reassignment surgery. It’s something which has been invented in my lifetime, and that’s great. Then I went back to one of my college reunions, and I thought I’d drop in on the old Gay Rights Movement, and it was now LGBTQX. So it was ‘Questioning’ and the ‘X’ stood for ‘Unsure…’
Is that not covered by ‘Questioning’?
Yeah, you would’ve thought. Anyway, so now, the last thing I read in the New York Times, just a couple of days ago, was about a school in Alabama – where of course they’re having a tough time, because basically everybody who’s not Colonel Sanders has a tough time in Alabama. Although he wasn’t from Alabama, but you get my point – and it’s LGBTQQA? Queer, Questioning, and, um, Affiliated. Anyway, it’s gotten pretty big.
You’ve always been passionate about gay rights and have an impressive track record of fundraising accolades. What moments really stand out?
In 1994 I was conducting a campaign to raise £300,000 for the THT, and we hired a restaurant on a Sunday night for a fundraising dinner. And Elton John played. And Rory Bremner gigged. And Kiki Dee sang. And it was on the day that the Sunday Times had – as a front page story – that HIV did not cause Aids: that Aids was caused by gay men taking drugs because it was not possible to have anal sex without drug taking to relax the muscles. Okay. Front-page story. I mean this was an odious line.
Anyway, so Sir Elton John took to the stage, and he knew everybody was upset because the article was on the stands, and he just said, ‘Fuck the Sunday Times!’ Huge cheer! No one in the room was against him, which is why something like that Sunday Times article was so preposterous. I mean, as well as being odious, it was just preposterous. You can just imagine a few thousand straight people reading that article that day, who’d just had anal sex, thinking, ‘Oh. I didn’t take drugs…’ [Pulls a mocking, worried face].
You can read the full interview with Paul Gambaccini and his ongoing work with the Kaleidoscope trust next month.

Musical legend takes the stage in the Baltics

Oct 19, 2011 
By Jared Grellet
PEACE, BABY: Sir Elton brings his musical performance to his Baltic fans.
VILNIUS - It is time to get the mothballs out of your rhinestone-encrusted jackets because in a little over two weeks, a legendary singer will be back for his second visit to the Lithuanian capital.
Following on from Sir Elton John’s first trip to Vilnius in 2006, in which 30,000 fans turned up to listen to his concert in Vingis Park, the 64-year-old Brit will now be back once more,  playing on Nov. 4 on the second stop on his “Elton and Band” tour.
Given that the tour is taking place in November, holding the concert outdoors was not a viable option, meaning that this time tickets will be limited to 9,500 with the audience restricted to sitting in Siemens Arena. After the hosting of the European Basketball Championships during the summer, the Elton John concert is arguably the biggest social event to take place in Lithuania this year.
Once more, Sir John is expected to play all of his classic songs that helped him rise to international stardom – songs that continue to hold relevance even after four decades, in some cases.
Initially, tour organizers announced that Vilnius would be the only stop on the tour in the Baltic region, but due to popular demand, a concert on the previous evening at Arena Riga has also been added to the schedule, making the Latvian capital the official starting point for the 17-stop tour that will see six concerts across Eastern Europe before the singer heads down to play a concert in Singapore on his way to Australia and New Zealand.
Despite reaching an age in which most people have either recently retired, or are on the verge of doing so, one of the world’s most celebrated artists remains a long way from entertaining any such thoughts as he continues to tour, produce new albums and remain relevant by appearing on stage with some of the most influential artists of the day, including rapper Eminem and pop diva Lady Gaga.
Sir John tours the world regularly and when he is not touring, he spends extended periods of time playing at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas where he and Celine Dion take turns at entertaining crowds at one of Las Vegas’ most famous landmarks. Recently he appeared on stage at Caesar’s Palace, for his 3,000th concert, proving that he is still a major drawing-card all over the world. In 2010, the singer/pianist rated only behind U2 and Bon Jovi in world concert ticket sales.
Born Reginald Kenneth Dwight, the British native picked up the playing of the piano at a young age before getting himself a regular gig at the age of 15, playing the piano in his local pub. It was around this time when he changed his name to that which he became known as in the years to come, taking the first names of Elton Dean and Long John Baldry – two of the members of a group that John was involved with at an early age - Bluesology.
When he was 26, John would leap to international stardom with the release of his seventh studio album, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. It would come to be known as John’s greatest ever album, with worldwide sales topping more than 31 million copies, topping charts in Canada, Australia, the United States and Great Britain.
A number of songs from that album remain some of the most recognizable tracks on the radio today, including the title track “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” “Bennie and the Jets,” “Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting” and a song that would later become synonymous with the death of Princess Diana, “Candle in the Wind.”
John initially wrote “Candle in the Wind” in honor of Marilyn Monroe, and in 1997 it would come to honor one of the other most recognizable females of the 20th century when John rewrote the song and performed it at the funeral of the Princess of Wales. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the 1997 version of the song is the biggest selling single since the beginning of record sales.
Since his success with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road back in 1973, John has gone on to produce another 23 studio albums, with another in the works for 2012. He has also provided songs on another seven albums, including, famously, songs for the hit animated Disney film of the ’90s, “The Lion King.”
The albums have brought the international HIV/AIDS prevention advocate a string of achievements and awards including more than 50 top 40 hits, nine of which would become number one hits, seven consecutive number one albums in the U.S., six Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, an Academy Award and arguably the greatest honor granted to anybody born in the British Commonwealth, a knighthood for his services to music and charitable causes. 

Elton John Is Coming To Malaysia!

Wednesday, 19/10/11 - 10:00AM Filed 

Yes you heard right. The legendary Sir Elton John is coming to Malaysia thanks Tune Live! The man who brought you classic hits like “Bennie And The Jets”, “Candle In The Wind”, “Rocket Man” and “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” will be adding a big shine to the Arena of Stars in Genting on the 22nd November.
The “Greatest Hits Tour” will be joined by his long-time band members comprising of Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson, Bob Birch, Kim Bullard and John Mahon, who have been on the road with Elton John for many years. The “piano man” will also be joined by Rose Stone (Sly And The Family Stone), Lisa Stone, Tata Vega and Jean Witherspoon as the backing singers, as well as Croatian cellists 2CELLO, who took the YouTube by storm.
Elton John’s success for over 40 years will be celebrated by a re-launch of his entire catalogue on CDs, DVDs and digital downloads by Universal Music Malaysia. If winning five Grammy Awards, selling over 250 million albums worldwide and being named the most successful rock pianist in the world are not good enough of a reason to go for the show, we don’t know what is. You really do not want to miss this spectacular show!

How to Start a Elton John Autograph Collection
by admin 19. outubro 2011 15:26
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Many Danny White autograph collectors also accumulate the memorabilia of their favorite individuals. It is a way of staying connected with the person in a personal way, which is so often true with hero worship.
Pieces of art which either focus around celebrities or were made by celebrities can be considered pieces of celebrity art. This format of artwork is an impressive piece that anyone can have in their collection and many people try to build collections which are entirely centered around pieces of celebrity art. They can be valuable pieces that a person could sell for a great deal of money. Sometimes the most impressive collections are the ones which are worth many thousands of dollars. As impressive as any piece of celebrity art is, however, there is one thing which could make it even more valuable.

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