Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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Elton John´s Diary 1967

The Illustrated Cornflakes & Classics A musical history of Elton John
by Paul Maclauchlan

Copyright 1989, 2006 Paul Maclauchlan

Permission granted to copy this information if credit is given


Spring 1967

Long John Baldry expands the group into a nine-piece band and moves to the cabaret circuit as the John Baldry Show.

Jun 17 1967

The famous music paper advertisement by Ray Williams, soliciting talent for Liberty Records. Both Reg Dwight and Bernie Taupin answer the ad.

Jun 1967
ENGLAND AUDITION - Regent Sound Studios, Denmark Street, London

+He'll Have To Go 
+I Love You Because 

Reg Dwight auditions for Liberty Records. Ray Williams declines to sign him, but suggests Reg might want to "try" writing songs with Bernie Taupin.

Jul & Aug 1967
Reg Dwight is signed through an agency to replace Eric Hine on keyboards for the band Simon Dupree And The Big Sound during a tour of Scotland. Reg played Hammond organ and Mellotron for £25 a week.

Reg kept in touch with Ray Shulman after Eric Hine returned to the group. Simon Dupree And The Big Sound later recorded, but didn't release, the Elton John / Bernie Taupin song I'm Going Home. Elton contributed piano to that recording and also the unreleased songs Laughing Boy From Nowhere and Give It All Back. All were to eventually be heard on the Simon Dupree And The Big Sound CD release Part Of My Past on 

April 27 2004.
This information is from Peter O'Flaherty's web site Simon Dupree and The Big Sound. Peter was the bass guitar player in the group. Be sure to visit Peter's site to read his memoir of that summer and see pictures of young Reg Dwight on tour in Scotland!

Jul & Aug 1967
SCOTLAND CONCERTS - Simon Dupree And The Big Sound with Reg Dwight on keyboards

Glasgow and area ( Three nights ) 
Brodick, Island of Arran. Two days and nights, over a weekend. 
Forte William 
Edinburgh ( Two nights ). 
This information is from Peter O'Flaherty's web site Simon Dupree and The Big Sound.

Sep 1967

A Dandelion Dies In The Wind 
A Little Love Goes A Long Long Way (Reg Dwight) 
Can't You See It (Reg Dwight) 
If You Could See Me Now (Reg Dwight) 
Mr Lightning Strikerman 
Onetime, Sometime or Never 
Velvet Fountain 
Watching The Planes Go By 
Published by The Hollies publishing company, Gralto, ( subsidiary of Dick James Music) none of these songs have been released by any artist.

Lyrics from Scarecrow: 
"Like moths around a light bulb
Your brain is still bleeding
From visions and pictures of nature's young raincoat
If only my eyes were not pinned to your table
My arms would be grasping the lilies of summer."

"A wooden construction...can you still see me Scarecrow." 

Oct 5 1967
UK 45 - Bluesology

Since I Found You Baby 
Just A Little Bit 
The B-side is available on the LP ROCK LEGENDS - RARE TRACKS Polydor 2475 711 (Australia), also released in Germany. Caleb Quaye has joined the band at this point.

Oct 1967

Countryside Love Affair (Reg Dwight) 
I Could Never Fall In Love With Anybody Else (Reg Dwight) 
I Get A Little Bit Lonely (Reg Dwight) 
Where It's At (Reg Dwight / Nicky James) 
Who's Gonna Love You (Reg Dwight / Kirk Duncan) 
Witch's House (Reg Dwight) 
Year Of The Teddy Bear 
None of these songs have been released by any artist.

Nov 17 1967
Reg Dwight and Bernie Taupin are signed to DJM records.

DJM Records (also known as Dick James Music) was the record label set up in the 1970s by British music publisher, Dick James, distributed by Pye Records in the UK and various other companies around the world, including the USA.

The first release on the label was by Dave Sealy and entitled "It Takes A Thief", which had been adapted from the theme music from a popular television series for which a lyric was written. Frank Neilson was A&R manager from 1976 to 1979, before he moved to Polydor Records. Andy Stinton was Promotions Manager for several years before moving to Canada in 1980 to start his own communications company.

Elton John was very prominent on DJM, except in the US and Canada where he was signed to MCA Records. He switched in 1976 to his own Rocket Records, before later deciding to sue DJM in the 1980s over the rights to his earlier (pre-1976) work.

Other acts on the label in the 1970s included Ireland's Celtic rockers Horslips; Mr. Bloe, who included pianist Zack Laurence and harmonica player Harry Pitch; former Fleetwood Mac member Danny Kirwan, who recorded three albums for DJM, Second Chapter (1975), Midnight In San Juan (1976), and Hello There Big Boy! (1979); The Tremeloes, after their departure from CBS/Epic in 1974; singer-turned-actor Dennis Waterman; Johnny Guitar Watson, who had several successful singles and albums in the USA; and various session musicians who had worked with Elton John.

Roger Hodgson – prior to joining Supertramp – issued a U.K. single on DJM under the name "Argosy". This record was also released on Congress Records (a division of Kapp Records) in the U.S..

After Dick James' death in 1986, the DJM catalogue was acquired by PolyGram.

Nov 1967

This song has not been released by any artist.

Dec 1967
Reg Dwight resigns from Bluesology and changes his name to Elton John. The name is combined from those of his bandmates, saxophone player Elton Dean and singer Long John Baldry.

Dec 1967

I Want To See You Smile (Elton John / Caleb Quaye) 
This song has not been released by any artist.

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