Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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terça-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2012

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Elton John misses Las Vegas shows due to food poisoning

Elton John misses Las Vegas shows due to food poisoning

Published Monday, Feb 20 2012, 22:04 GMT | By Leah Simpson 

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© WENN / Andres Otero
Sir Elton John was forced to cancel his concerts over the weekend when he fell ill.

The legendary British star is said to have come down with food poisoning and subsequently couldn't get on stage to fulfil his commitments in Las Vegas, Nevada.

John was supposed to play two shows at Caesars Palace - one on Friday and one on Saturday - but he couldn't recover in time for either, leaving thousands of fans disappointed.

A representative told TMZ that he is "much better now" and will be back in action for his show in Guadalajara, Mexico this week.

John recently revealed that he is seeking counselling with David Furnish on how to help son Zachary cope with the "double stigma" of having famous parents in a same-sex relationship. 

The 'Your Song' singer said that the couple are taking measures to help their child, who was born via a surrogate on Christmas Day 2010, to understand and feel "proud" of his unique situation as he grows up. 

Elton John to play concert on Tower Headland in Blackpool

Elton JohnTickets for the show will go on sale Friday 24 February

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Sir Elton John will be the first artist to play a concert on the new Tower Festival Headland in Blackpool this summer.
He will play one night - 16 June - at the seated outdoor venue next to Blackpool Tower.
He has played in Blackpool twice before; in November 1982 he appeared at the Blackpool Opera House.
"I'm looking forward to revisiting this legendary seaside town and playing on the Golden Mile," he said.
Natalie Wyatt, managing director of Marketing Blackpool said she was delighted to welcome him to the resort.
She said: "This concert will mark the opening of the venue as a premier space for events and festivals and is testament to the fantastic improvements which have taken place in the resort to date.
"I'm sure that many visitors will come to enjoy the concert and then take the opportunity to experience everything that Blackpool has to offer whilst they are here."
Tickets for the show will go on sale on 24 February.
Sir Elton has sold 250-million records worldwide and has received Grammy, Oscar, Ivor Novello and Brit awards.

'It's completely untrue': Elton John denies cancelling concerts to attend Whitney Houston's funeral... saying he was ill with food poisoning

Last updated at 1:12 AM on 21st February 2012

It was widely reported that Sir Elton John was to attend his friend Whitney Houston's funeral.
And when he cancelled his Friday and Saturday concerts at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, many  fans thought that's where he was.
But the singer has responded to the reports, saying the shows were cut because he was sick with food poisoning, not because he was bidding farewell to the troubled star.

Ill: Sir Elton John was forced to cancel two shows at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on Friday and Saturday after coming down with food poisoning
Ill: Sir Elton John was forced to cancel two shows at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas on Friday and Saturday after coming down with food poisoning
A statement on his official website said: 'Elton's management would like to apologise to all the ticket buyers who were disappointed over this unavoidable cancellation.
'Also, they would like to respond to various online rumours that Elton attended the funeral of Whitney Houston on Saturday.
'This is completely untrue. The only reason Elton did not play his concerts over the weekend is because he was too ill.'
Elton had been due to perform as part of his residency at the casino.
Dear friend: It had been rumoured that Elton cancelled the concerts to attend Whitney Houston's funeral
Dear friend: It had been rumoured that Elton cancelled the concerts to attend Whitney Houston's funeral
The statement also promised full refunds to fans.
A spokesperson for the star told website TMZ he is feeling 'much better now' and will be ready for his next concert later this week, in Guadalajara, Mexico.
Elton was performing in Las Vegas on the previous Saturday when he heard about Houston's death.
The 48-year-old was found in the bath at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles ahead of the Grammy Awards.
'It's completely untrue': Elton John hit back at the rumours on his official website
'It's completely untrue': Elton John hit back at the rumours on his official website
Elton dedicated his track Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me to her.
Addressing the crowd that night he said: 'This is a sad day today, most of you must know by now the news of Whitney Houston passing away.
'About six years ago I was here in Vegas with some friends and we spent the whole afternoon on YouTube looking at Whitney's work from a long time ago, and you forget - with all the troubles she went through - how brilliant, she was.
'So, my dearest, gorgeous, lovely angel, we want to do this song for you. Thank you for giving us your talent and one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard in my life.'

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Sir Elton offers gig to teenager

Sir Elton John shocked a teenage musician by calling her out of the blue and asking her to perform at one of his shows.

Sir Elton John has asked Tallia Storm to share the stage with him in Scotland
Sir Elton John has asked Tallia Storm to share the stage with him in Scotland
Sir Elton John shocked a teenage musician by calling her out of the blue and asking her to perform at one of his shows.
Tallia Storm, 13, who has a growing fanbase in Scotland and who has also appeared on catwalks at London Fashion Week, described the phone call from the pop legend as one of the most surreal experiences of her life.
She said: "I really didn't know what to say at first, but he was so excited about my music. He was just so nice, warm and totally down to earth. We spoke a few times and then he called my mum that night to explain what he had in mind."
Sir Elton asked Tallia to share the stage with him at his show in Falkirk on June 10, which will be his only Scottish show this year.
The concert will be held at the 9,200 capacity Falkirk Stadium, and Tallia will open the event before Sir Elton's two-hour set.
"I'm working really hard and rehearsing a lot to give it my all. That's the least I can do for one of my musical heroes!" Tallia said.
Sir Elton heard of Tallia through his partner David Furnish, who the young musician met on holiday.

União da Ilha leva Elton John para o sambódromo

União da Ilha leva a capital britânica para o sambódromo

21 de fevereiro de 2012 • 06h36,,OI5624218-EI188,00-Uniao+da+Ilha+leva+a+capital+britanica+para+o+sambodromo.html 

Três ícones da música e cultura britânicas foram reunidos no desfile da União da Ilha na noite desta segunda (20) na Sapucaí. Ao piano, estava Elton John, um dos maiores ídolos da terra da Rainha. Sobre o instrumento musical, ficaram Freddie Mercury, vocalista e líder da banda Queen, que morreu em decorrência de complicações da Aids em 1991, e a cantora Amy Winehouse, encontrada morta no ano passado, dentro de casa. Segundo um laudo médico, a cantora morreu por excesso de álcool (Foto: Bernardo Tabak/G1)

No desfile em que homenageou Londres, a escola de samba União da Ilha, no Rio, pinçou um pouco de tudo do presente e do passado da capital britânica.
Amy Winehouse e Freddie Mercury sambavam, ambos alados, sobre o piano de Elton John, à frente de um carrossel com estátuas de britânicos ilustres como Lady Di, Winston Churchill, os Beatles e Graham Bell (este dentro de uma cabine telefônica vermelha).
Na Marquês de Sapucaí, o percurso pela versão carioca da cultura inglesa foi o mais perto que muitos componentes da escola já chegaram da Inglaterra.
Embora reconheça ícones como o Big Ben e os guardas do Palácio de Buckingham, o zelador Jader Henrique Silva Luiz, de 32 anos, nunca esteve na cidade.
"Estou achando o máximo. Queria estar em Londres para andar num táxi destes", disse ele na concentração, logo antes do desfile.
Jader "vestia" um táxi pretinho como os modelos tradicionais da cidade, pendurado a seu corpo por suspensórios e com os faróis apontando para frente. Tirou fotos de si com a fantasia para levar para Londres na primeira oportunidade.
"Vou mostrar para os taxistas lá e contar que já desfilei dentro de um táxi deles aqui na Marquês de Sapucaí", disse Jader logo antes de entrar na avenida, fazendo o táxi "andar" com um rebolado especial, ensaiado para a coreografia.
Duas ilhas
Batizado de "De Londres ao Rio: Era uma vez uma... Ilha", o enredo da escola de samba da Ilha do Governador procura estabelecer conexões com outra ilha, a Inglaterra, em função dos Jogos de 2012, em Londres, e de 2016, no Rio.
O samba mistura as duas culturas em versos como "Vou botar molho inglês na feijoada/ Misturar chá com cachaça", ou "Batuquei meu samba com... Rock''n''roll".
"Só faltou a Rainha Elizabeth participar desta festa maravilhosa", disse o professor Luiz Mello, de 51 anos, que desfila no Sambódromo há 20 anos e desta vez estava vestido de Charles Chaplin.
O carnavalesco Alex de Souza, de quem partiu a iniciativa de fazer a homenagem a Londres, criou fantasias elaboradas um ano depois que um incêndio, poucos dias antes do desfile, destruiu suas criações, levando a uma apresentação mais simples, com roupas feitas na última hora.
Ao contrário de muitos desfiles que são patrocinados por cidades, Estados ou entidades, a assessoria de imprensa da União da Ilha informa que a escola não contou com patrocínio do governo inglês, nem da prefeitura do Rio.
Sherlock Holmes e Guerreiros celtas
Londres estava à vista em alas compostas por múltiplos Sherlock Holmes (sendo apunhalados pelas costas por Jack, o Estripador), Frankensteins, Merlins, Sargeant Peppers, cavaleiros das cruzadas, índios, guerreiros celtas e personagens em traje de baile.
No "Baile dos Capuletos", em referência a uma das famílias rivais da história de Romeu e Julieta, o retrato de Shakespeare estava estampado nas saias armadas das moças.
Havia ainda pessoas vestindo flores, xícaras, cartas de baralho e coelhos, compondo o colorido mundo de Alice no País das Maravilhas. A personagem foi encarnada por Letícia Spiller.
"Estou no próprio país das maravilhas que é o nosso carnaval", disse a atriz logo antes de começar o desfile.
"Estou muito honrada de estar vivendo um personagem universal, atemporal."
Já o coelho eternamente atrasado da história de Lewis Carroll foi representado por uma legião de crianças, como Miguel Lopes, de 10 anos. Ele não conhece Londres, mas disse estar feliz por poder levar a fantasia para casa ("vou poder usar na festa à fantasia da escola") e por ver a Letícia Spiller de perto.
"Legal, né? Eu nunca vi uma pessoa famosa", ressaltou, apontando ainda ser a primeira vez que estava desfilando - e dando uma entrevista.
Ligação olímpica
Houve quem achasse graça em tanta mistura. A arquiteta Cristina Wakamatsu, do Paraná, que mora há cinco anos em Dubai e tem clientes ingleses, se surpreendeu ao ver que sua fantasia vinha com um coala no braço esquerdo e um urso panda no direito.
"Estamos representando a Oceania", explica.
Jacqueline Oliveira, de 32 anos, veio de Tocantins para o Rio para desfilar em uma escola e escolheu a União da Ilha por ter gostado da fantasia de Sherlock Holmes e por ter achado interessante a ligação com a Olimpíada.
"Acho que já vai dando uma aquecida (para a Olimpíada) e fazendo um marketing bom para o Rio", diz a promotora de justiça.
A conexão com o Rio e com os Jogos de 2016 encerraram o desfile. Nas últimas alas, os componentes usavam fantasias com os anéis-símbolo dos jogos e levantavam bandeiras de diferentes países.
O último carro, com bonecos nas cores olímpicas, quase emperrou na hora de entrar na avenida. Mas, empurrado por muitas mãos, pegou embalo e fechou, com sucesso, a conexão Rio-Londres.

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