Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Elton John opens up and talks about Idol Gives Back

Elton John opens up and talks about Idol Gives Back



Elton John in American Idol 9 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nigel Olsson - Move the Universe

Released in 2001, Nigel recorded this CD with the help of some of his friends. Released only in Japan. Here is the download link:

Nigel Olsson -Changing Tides

Released in 1982, this album is a true Westcoast treasure. I ripped this from vinyl. There are still a few pops and clicks but I have tried to remove most of them. This one is very difficult to find. Every track on this album is pheonominal. Elton John plays on "Showdown" and "Saturday Night". Steve Carlisle (WKRP in Cincinnati) provides background vocals on "If You Don't Want Me To" (His solo album appears on this blog, check it out). Also included is a cover of the Airplay classic "Should We Carry On". Here is the download link:

Sergio Garcia was kind enough to remaster this to a better quality download. Here is his link: Thanks, Sergio

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nigel Olsson - Nigel Olsson

Released in 1975 on Elton John's Rocket Records label this album features songs co-written by David Foster who also played keyboards on many of the tracks. Elton John, Davey Johnstone and Dee Murray played on "Only One Woman". This was ripped from a vinyl LP. Here is the download link:
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Elton John ist nicht zu alt für ein Kind
London - Elton John und David Furnish möchten gerne ein Kind adoptieren. Bereits im vergangenen Jahr wollte das Paar einen ukrainischen Jungen bei sich aufnehmen - die Adoption scheiterte allerdings. Elton John und sein Ehemann wollen ihren Wunsch, Eltern zu werden, aber nicht begraben - und das obwohl der Musiker schon vor Jahren dachte, er sei zu alt dafür, ein Kind aufzuziehen. Wie „“ berichtet, sagte der 63-Jährige: „Bis zu einem gewissen Punkt habe ich immer gesagt ‘nein, ich bin zu alt. Dann dachte ich ‘Weißt du was Elton, du bist nicht zu alt. Im Herzen bist du immer noch jung. Du hast in deiner Karriere wirklich alles erreicht, aber was du noch nicht gemacht hast, ist ein guter Vater zu sein‘."Elton John und David Furnish wollten im vergangenen Jahr den kleinen Lew aus der Ukraine bei sich aufnehmen. Die Adoption scheiterte allerdings an der Homosexualität des Paares - gleichgeschlechtliche Partnerschaften sind in der Ukraine nämlich noch nicht anerkannt. Elton John und David Furnish:

20 Years Later, Elton John Pens Letter to Ryan White

20 Years Later, Elton John Pens Letter to Ryan White
By Nadine Cheung  Posted Apr 23rd 2010 02:20PM

Elton John has written a letter to his friend, Ryan White, who died from AIDS on April 8, 1990, at age 18. In the letter, published by the Washington Post, the international pop star expresses both grief and sorrow, but reminds readers of the strides HIV/AIDS researchers have made in the two decades since the death of the Indiana teen.

"Twenty years ago this month, you died of AIDS," John begins. "I would gladly give my fame and fortune if only I could have one more conversation with you, the friend who changed my life as well as the lives of millions living with HIV. Instead, I have written you this letter."
White, who contracted the HIV virus through a blood transfusion, drew attention to the disease after being expelled from school because of his infection. Despite the media attention he received during his public fight with the virus, John recalls that White was a young man of uncommon grace, and credits him with bringing awareness to the issue, which, he says, ultimately changed the prognosis for people living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S.

"Ryan, I wish you could know how much the world has changed since 1990, and how much you changed it," he continues. "Young boys and girls with HIV attend school and take medicine that allows them to lead normal lives. Children in America are seldom born with the virus, and they no longer contract it through transfusions. The insults and injustices you suffered are not tolerated by society."

"Most important, Ryan, you inspired awareness, which helped lead to lifesaving treatments. In 1990, four months after you died, Congress passed the Ryan White Care Act, which now provides more than $2 billion each year for AIDS medicine and treatment for half a million Americans."

Although much has changed since White's death, John adds that "hundreds of thousands" of people are still living with HIV/AIDS and nearly the same number of people do not know they have it. He writes of the the social and political parameters of the disease, adding that President Barack Obama's National HIV/AIDS Strategy was promised, but has "not yet been delivered."

"Today, countless people with HIV live long, productive lives," John says. "It breaks my heart that you are not one of them. You were 18 when you died, and you would be 38 this year, if only the current treatments existed when you were sick. I think about this every day, because America needs your message of compassion as never before."

John is the founder and chairman of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which supports HIV prevention programs and provides direct care and services for people living with HIV/AIDS. On April 28, John will perform at 'A Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Ryan White' at Clowes Memorial Hall in Indianapolis, Ind.

Elton fans gobble 4,000 tickets in half an hour

CONCERT: Saultites strategize for chance to see famous Brit perform at Essar Centre


Posted 12 hours ago

Elton John fans didn't just line up at Essar Centre to get tickets Friday.
They plotted. They planned. They brought their cellphones and laptop computers to the downtown arena to ensure they scored tickets to see Captain Fantastic July 12.
Nicky Boreham covered all her bases. While she stood in line at the arena, her daughter called a toll-free number for tickets.
A friend vied for seats online.
"That's how bad I want a ticket," said Boreham shortly before more than 4,000 tickets went on sale at 10 a.m.
"I love his voice. I love his music. I think he's a sweetheart."
Each woman had a cellphone. It was agreed whoever purchased three tickets first would call the other two and end the pursuit.
Elaine Windus stood in line with her laptop. The Goulais River resident tried buying tickets on the Internet for Neil Young's April 2009 date at Essar Centre. When the only online purchase option was too expensive for her, she headed to the rink instead.
She decided to try two approaches Friday. The retired speech pathologist aimed for an online purchase while waiting in line for a ticket agent.
Maddalena Ferris and her husband, Damon, pulled out all the stops. They paid $40 US each for Elton John fan club memberships and a chance for 150 seats that went on sale Thursday. When those ducats were snapped up, literally in seconds, and they came up empty, Plan B started.
Damon was first in line Thursday at 10 a.m. His wife joined him at 6 p.m.
The couple remained outside until being allowed into the arena at 7 a.m.
They kept warm with blankets and winter boots.
"I think we're going to be OK," said Maddalena, a clerk at Sault Ste. Marie Public Library, about getting tickets.
"We're first in line. We should be pretty good."
Even still, she had her cellphone in hand to call for seats. The couple's hours of waiting paid off. Each bought eight tickets, three rows from the stage, for themselves and other family members.
Jennifer Muio, Essar Centre marketing and events assistant, was impressed with the ticket buying maneuvring she saw Friday.
"People are starting to get it," she said.
"They may wait in line, but there's other ways. Better your chances. Have back-up plans. Have different strategies. It was great to see people with their laptops and cellphones, calling back and forth."
John's first-ever Sault Ste. Marie concert, with tickets priced at $90 and $150, sold out at 10:30 a.m. Floor and bowl seats were gone in five minutes.
Several ticket agents, at their own expense, donned Elton John-inspired eyewear and fashions. Two wore oversize sunglasses complete with electric guitars. One woman wore a purple boa and purple disco ball earrings.
Eighty-five people were standing in line at 9:40 a.m. All of them would have left with tickets, although some may have had to settle for standing room.
When Rob Majury couldn't get tickets online or by phone, he walked over from his Dennis Street home and was able to buy two standing-room tickets.
"That's acceptable," he said in the arena lobby. "I thought I was going to be leaving disappointed, but (I'm) very happy."
Tim Deluce was frustrated by his attempts to get seats to, next to Kiss, the biggest concert of the year in the city.
He diligently logged on shortly before 10 a.m., but the retired Canada Border Services Agency customs officer was quickly told tickets were sold out. Met with a busy signal for phone sales, Deluce went to the arena. There were no more tickets.
Yet, he said, several online secondary ticket sites such as StubHub and Hottix were selling seats to John's show.
Ticket Liquidator has about 100 seats priced from $223 to $315 US.
"How can they get hundreds of tickets to sell?" said Deluce.
"(I want) two lousy tickets and I can't get them because they're sold out before they're even started. There's something wrong with that. It just really rubs me the wrong way."
The arena has "no control" over such online sites, said Muio. "They have a fair shot (at buying seats) just like everybody else. Unfortunately, that's a problem in the entire industry."
She encourages fans, such as Deluce, to keep checking for additional releases of seats.

Edgar Bronfman Jr Tops UK Entertainment Rich List

by Paul Cashmere - April 25 2010
It is no surprise to find Paul McCartney, Elton John, Sting and Mick Jagger in the Top 10 Rich list for the British entertainment industry but there is a new name on top, Edgar Bronfman Jr.
Edgar Bronfman Jr, the Chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group, is now listed as the richest man in British entertainment after moving from New York to London last year.
The New York born Bronfman came from a wealthy background. His family owned the Seagram Company liquor company. He became CEO of Seagram’s in 1994.
He expanded Seagram’s into Entertainment with the purchase of Polygram in the 90s, then MCA and Universal Pictures. Next came the acquisition of French company Vivendi in 2000 that became known as Vivendi Universal following the merger.
A year later, he stepped down from his position and in 2004 completed the acquisition of Warner Music Group.
Bronfman is also a songwriter. He composed ‘To Love You More’, recorded by Celine Dion and “If I Didn't Love You’, recorded by Barbra Streisand.
Bronfman is work £1.64 billion ($AUD2.7billion)
Here is the list Top 20 rich list for the British Entertainment Industry
1. Edgar Bronfman Jr, £1.64b
Chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group
2. Clive Calder, £1.3b
Zomba Records founder
3. Andrew Lloyd-Webber, £700m
4. Cameron MacKintosh, £635m
Stage show producer
5. Paul McCartney, £475m
6, Simon Fuller, £350m
Spice Girls manager, founder of 19 Entertainment
7. Mick Jagger, £190m
Rolling Stone
8. Elton John, £185m
9. Sting, £180m
10. Keith Richards, £175m
Rolling Stone
11. Simon Cowell, £165m
Reality Show creator
12. Olivia Harrison £160m
Widow of George Harrison
13. Jamie Palumbo £150m
Ministry of Sound founder
14. David and Victoria Beckham £145m
Mr and Mrs Spice Girl
15. Tim Rice £140m
16. Ringo Starr £140m
17. Tom Jones £135m
18. Eric Clapton £125m
19. Roger Ames £120m
Currently runs Ticketmaster International operation
20. Barry and Robin Gibb £110m
The Bee Gees

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