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Biografia Elton John
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domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

Elton John Hatching ‘Animal Farm’ Musical

First listen: Elton John, Leon Russell and T Bone Burnett unveil 'The Union' in Santa Monica

July 22, 2010 |  3:19 pm
Elton John has always been passionate about his musical taste, always ready to throw his support behind new acts that capture his imagination, whether it’s the Scissor Sisters or Lady Gaga.
But in recent years he’s also been on a special mission to turn the spotlight on veteran artists who never got the attention he and other pop stars received, a key reason he dreamed up the Sundance Channel music interview and performance series “Spectacle,” and persuaded his friend Elvis Costello to take on the job as host.
That mission is front and center with “The Union,” his forthcoming duet album with fellow piano-pounding rocker Leon Russell, to whom John doffed his cap during the first episode of “Spectacle.”
John, Russell and the album’s producer, T Bone Burnett, invited a few friends, family members and journalists for a preview of the project in a playback session earlier this week at the West Los Angeles studio where they recorded it.
John didn’t waste a moment telling the audience of about two dozen people how much this one means to him. He prefaced the music with a touching story of how much he’d idolized Russell, the Oklahoma-born pianist, singer, songwriter and producer who had toiled for years as a highly regarded session player before coming into his own as a performer and bandleader in the late-’60s and early-'70s. That’s when Russell fronted Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs and Englishmen touring band and then the all-star conglomeration that George Harrison assembled for the Concert for Bangladesh.
“All I wanted for Leon,” John said, “is to have, in his later life, the accolades that seem to have been missing for him in the last 35 years. I want his name written in stone. I want him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I want his name to be on everybody’s lips again, like it used to be. So we made this record.”
At the playback, John took the lead, sitting in front of the 96-channel mixing board, energetically pounding air piano and drums along with the various tracks -- songs with touches of country, blues and gospel woven into some of the most mainstream-sounding rock that Burnett has shepherded.
Russell, who had undergone a 5½-hour brain surgery operation to relieve a chronic condition shortly before the recording sessions began, sat at the back of the control booth, his flowing white hair and beard cascading over a recliner chair he relaxed in while occasionally fingering left-hand piano runs. Burnett also attended, along with Recording Academy President Neil Portnow, KCRW music director Jason Bentley, keyboardist-composer James Newton Howard and some of the musicians who played on the album, including drummers Jim Keltner (who played in Russell’s band in the ’70s) and Burnett regular Jay Bellerose.
The album is slated for release Oct. 19, and features songs written by John, his longtime lyricist Bernie Taupin, Russell and Burnett. John also noted that the sessions were filmed by Cameron Crowe, but John’s spokeswoman said a decision hasn’t been made as to how that footage might be used.
-- Randy Lewis
Photo: Elton John and Leon Russell. Credit: Joseph Guay/Rogers & Cowan PR

Elton John Hatching ‘Animal Farm’ Musical

By TIM ADLER | Friday July 23, 2010 @ 2:03am PST

The songwriter is reteaming with screenwriter Lee Hall on a stage version of George Orwell’s classic Stalinist allegory, reports the Daily Mail. John and Hall worked together on the stage adaptation of Billy Elliot. It’s taken the pair two years to obtain all the necessary rights. The CIA was covertly involved in buying the film rights from Orwell's widow Sonia, enabling Halas & Batchelor to make their 1954 cartoon. There’s no theatre producer attached yet. I imagine they’ll be falling over themselves.
Much as I love Orwell, I can’t help but feel Animal Farm is a bit tired around the edges. I’m picturing lots of masks and actors singing, “Four legs good, two legs bad.” Animal Farm just doesn’t resonate in the way 1984 still does. I’d much rather see the stage musical David Bowie was planning of 1984 back in the 70s until Sonia Orwell blocked him. That score eventually became the basis for the album Diamond Dogs.

Elton Calls Eminem Weekly For Drug Chats

Eminem Reveals Elton John Calls Him Every Week!

By Archna on 24/07/2010

Eminem has revealed that he speaks to Sir Elton John on the phone every week.
ELTON JOHN continues to help rap pal EMINEM with his battle to stay sober by calling him once a week.
The rapper reached out to Elton, who he performed with at the 2001 Grammy Awards, and asked the British rocker to unofficially counsel him as he attempted to get clean after a four year hell of painkiller abuse.
The hip-hop star felt Elton's past battles to kick his drug habit would serve as lessons for him - and he was right. So much so that he still looks forward to his pal's weekly chats.
He tells Spin magazine, "Elton John calls me once a week. He used to tell me stuff like, 'You're going to start seeing certain things you've been overlooking'. And it came true.
"I'd walk around like, 'Damn, that tree does look crazy, look at all those leaves!' Things I didn't notice when I was f**ked up."

Elton John Brings Star-Studded Tennis Benefit To AU

Photo courtesy of
‘Elton John, Live at Liseberg 8/7 1971′
courtesy of ‘yabosid’
Elton John is bringing his World Tennis Team Smash Hits charity event to D.C. this November, so get ready for a good cause complete with a legendary pop star here on our home turf.
The 18th annual event will take place on November 15 at American University’s Bender Arena with tennis greats such as Andre Agassi, Anna Kournikova and Stefanie Graf all making an appearance on the court. If we’re lucky, Sir Elton might just take a few serves as well seeing as he has a private tennis trainer who travels on tour with him (so says Politico).
All funds raised through the event will benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation and local Washingon, D.C. Area AIDS charities.

Elton John Plans 'Animal Farm' Musical

'Billy Elliot' team "deep into" new show based on Orwell classic

By  Daniel Kreps
Jul 23, 2010 5:56 PM EDT
Elton John and writer Lee Hall are reportedly teaming up for a new stage show based on George Orwell's Animal Farm. "I'm deep into it, writing songs for pigs and other four-legged friends," Hall told The Daily Mail about penning songs based on Orwell's satire about the Stalinism era. "It's taken about two years. We almost gave up, but there was always that one last license to go after." Hall added that he and John have yet to acquire the necessary rights to stage a musical based on Orwell's book and that the show is at least two years away from the production stages.
Keep up with rock's latest news in Random Notes.
John and Hall have worked together in the past — the two last collaborated on the musical Billy Elliot — and Hall says the two have got their creative process down to a science. "I know that Elton likes to have the lyrics done and have them in front of him so I'll work on a batch before I give him anything to look at," Hall said.
Orwell's novella may seem like an odd choice for a musical, but Elton isn't the first musician to try and turn the works of Orwell into a rock opera: David Bowie once hoped to turn Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four into a musical, but the Orwell estate rejected his proposal. Instead, Bowie used many of the songs he penned for the musical to lay the groundwork for Diamond Dogs, which included a song called "1984."

Sir Elton John was in a bad way Wednesday night after catching a  bought of food poisoning before his concert at Arizona’s Tucson Arena. The illness was so debilitating that it forced the singer to postpone his show to a later date.
It must have been all that caviar and lobster tails or whatever a knighted musician eats while on the road. When will the ”Rocket Man” be fit to return to the stage to finish out his tour?
It just goes to show no one is safe from food bourne illnesses, even international superstars like Sir Elton John can eat one bad thing and they’re writhing in stomach pain for the next two days.
He had to postpone his nearly sold out show at Arizona’s Tucson Arena Wednesday night after the illness prevented him from performing. 
“Elton apologizes for the inconvenience caused due to his illness, but doctors assure him he will be fine,” the venue’s spokesperson, Kate Calhoun stated.
Doctors checked out the singer and okayed him to perform at the Arena on Thursday, and he will wrap up the rest of his U.S. tour in San Diego’s Cricket Wireless Arena and the Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Amphitheatre this weekend.
This isn’t the first time Elton John has come down with food poisoning either.  In 2009, he had to cancel dates on the west coast after being hospitalized with an E. coli infection and symptoms of the flu.
I don’t know about you, Elton John, but I would consider switching caterers.

Elton John Suffering From Food Poisoning – Tucson, Arizona Concert Postponed
104.3 WOMC

Getty Image/ Daniel Berehulak
TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) – A bout of food poisoning has caused the postponement of Elton John’s scheduled concert at Tucson Arena. The Arizona Daily Star reports that Wednesday night’s show was nearly sold out with about 8,800 tickets purchased. Organizers say the British rocker will perform Thursday night instead.
A spokeswoman for the Tucson concert venue says John apologizes for the inconvenience caused by his illness, but doctors say he will be fine to take the stage Thursday.
Information from: Arizona Daily Star

Elton John cancels concert

Thursday 22nd July 2010 - 13:15:08
Sir Elton John has cancelled a concert in Arizona, stating he is too ill to sing after contracting food poisoning.
Sir Elton John has cancelled a concert after falling ill with food poisoning.
The 63-year-old musician - who is currently touring America - was due to perform to 8,800 fans at Arizona's Tuscon Arena last night (21.07.10) but was too ill to sing.
Kate Calhoun, a spokesperson for the venue, apologised to fans on the singer's behalf and said doctors have advised he should be better for tonight's replacement gig.
Elton apologises for the inconvenience caused due to his illness, but doctors assure him he will be fine.
She explained: "Elton apologises for the inconvenience caused due to his illness, but doctors assure him he will be fine."

Elton John brings tennis to D.C.

By KIKI RYAN | 7/22/10 10:12 AM

Elton John returns the ball during 
his Advanta Tennis Smash Hits match Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2007, in 
Villanova, Pa. | Photo

Elton John returns the ball during his Advanta Tennis Smash Hits match Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2007, in Villanova, Pa. | Photo by APClose
Elton John's name might bring giant sunglasses to mind more than tennis whites, but that will change for Washingtonians when he brings his World Tennis Team Smash Hits charity event to D.C. in November.

The 18th annual event, which John founded with Billie Jean King, will take place on Nov. 15 at American University. Andre Agassi, Anna Kournikova and Stefanie Graf will all play. John will very likely hit the court, too, to show off his skills. (He has a private tennis trainer who travels on tour with him.)

John and King have a long history together: They first hit it off at a party in the '70s. John told King to contact him when she came to London for Wimbledon, but he ended up calling her hotel when she arrived and went on to attend all of her matches. Voilà! A friendship was born.

In fact, John's 1975 song "Philadelphia Freedom" was written for King, who at the time was the coach of the World Team Tennis team of the same name.

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