Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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terça-feira, 7 de setembro de 2010

THE NEW ELTON JOHN: William Cleere and the Marvelous Fellas - LABOR DAY

LADIES AND GENTLEMANS , THE NEW ELTON JOHN: William Cleere and the Marvelous Fellas - LABOR DAY

Piano rock! Thanks to genre icons Jerry Lee Lewis, Elton John, Billy Joel and Ben Folds, it's a phenomenon that only comes along every so often. Now add William Cleere to that august company. Seeing nobody at the helm of the piano-rock yacht, Cleere dons the captain's cap and assumes the madman's mantle on his first single, "Labor Day" (released tomorrow via Mystery Lawn Music). Following in the footsteps of these ivory-tickling legends, Cleere paints an evocative picture of pre-autumnal, end-of-relationship bravado with vocal and ukulele assistance from Karla Kane of the Corner Laughers providing a lilting alto counterpart to Cleere's larger-than-life, Americana-tinged vocals. Cleere and his band the Marvellous Fellas (with Corner Laughers' Khoi Huynh on bass and Charlie Crabtree on drums) recorded "Labor Day," as well as a forthcoming album, in a marathon, one-day session at Allen Clapp's Mystery Lawn Studio in Sunnyvale, Calif. MAGNET is proud to debut "Labor Day" today. BBQ Burgers, hot dogs and suds not included!

Hello Robson and o.

I wanted to direct you to a band that is very heavily influenced by Sir Elton. There's a recent magazine article that talks about that influenece and an mp3.

The forthcoming CD from "William Cleere and the Marvelous Fellas" will also feature a cover of "High Flying Bird" which I will send you upon release for your enjoyment.

Thanks for everything you do!

William Cleere

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