Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

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Me & Helen & Bernie Taupin Atlantic City 1990

September 25, 2010 by redrandi
Me & Helen & Bernie Taupin Atlantic City 1990
I worked in music retail for years starting with the musicland group and ending at Best Buy. Music has been my passion for years along with so many of you redheads.
In 1990 I was living in Westport Conn.managing a Sam Goody music store.
My friend Helen & I, drove to Atlantic City to see Elton John perform at the Trump Taj Mahal. The show was awesome and although we didn`t get to hang with Elton, we did meet his long-time lyricist Bernie Taupin. It was awesome and a dream come true for Helen.
I will never forget the day Neil Sedaka (for those of you who remember him) came in my store to shop. I was star struck!
I have been very blessed in my life.
Maybe one day, by some miracle I`ll have a picture of Sam & I. Gotta try. Thats what dreams R made of.
Peace all

Tuesday, Sep. 21, 2010

Sir Elton to play Fort Worth Convention Center

Elton John to play Fort Worth Convention Center. Enter to win tickets now!

If you see us strutting around in extra large round sunglasses, top hats and frilly boas, you must pardon our giddiness: it’s not often Cowtown lands a pop icon like Elton John.
But, Captain Fantastic is indeed headed our way: Elton John and veteran singer-songwriter Leon Russell are playing the Fort Worth Convention Center on Nov. 13. (Russell co-wrote songs with Elton and Bernie Taupin for The Union, which was produced by Fort Worth-raised producer T-Bone Burnett and will hit stores Oct. 19.)

September 21, 2010
The Union tour will visit Florida in November
By the Editor/
Elton John with special guest Leon Russell will appear in concert on November 21, 2010 at 8 pm at the Lakeland Center in Lakeland, Florida, USA as part of The Union Tour.
The concert will include new material from The Union, Elton and Leon's highly anticipated album available on October 19 in the U.S. on Decca Records.
Tickets go on public sale on Monday, September 27 at 10am.
Elton's band comprises Davey Johnstone on guitar, Bob Birch on bass, John Mahon on percussion, Nigel Olsson on drums and Kim Bullard on keyboards. Leon's band comprises Jack Wessel on bass, Chris Simmons on guitar, Brandon Holder on drums and Beau Charron on guitar and steel guitar.
This exciting concert will feature Elton and Leon Russell performing a night full of hits, and will also include selections from The Union, Elton and Leon's highly anticipated new album to be released on October 19 in the U.S. on Decca Records.
We have an allocation of Rocket tickets for this concert and they will go on sale on Sunday, September 26 at 10 am EST on the Concerts & Ticket page. Please be aware that you have to be a Rocket Club member to buy these tickets and that each member can buy a maximum of two tickets. (There is more information about this below.)
Public tickets go on sale on Monday, September 27 at 10 am, and will be available online at, at all Ticketmaster Outlets or charge by phone at 800-745-3000.
For access to exclusive ticket pages, including Rocket Club ticket pre-sales and more, join the Rocket Club. The Club gives our members the opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Please note that there is a limited number of tickets, and we do not guarantee availability, or inform the buyers of seat locations ahead of the concert. Rocket tickets are not transferable and cannot be resold. The only person who can collect the tickets is the named Rocket member who bought them.
To be eligible to purchase tickets on the first day of any Rocket Club sale it is recommended that you sign up to be a Rocket Member at least 24 hours before any Rocket Club Ticket sale begins. In order to purchase Rocket tickets you will need an exclusive Ticket Purchase Code, which is sent to you when you join the Rocket. If you do not receive a code within 24 hours of joining the Rocket Club please contact Customer Service immediately.
The benefits of the Rocket Club include access to exclusive photos, video, audio and text content, as well as an annual free gift. These benefits become available at the time of purchase, and so membership dues are non-refundable, whether or not the member is able to buy Rocket tickets. Please be sure you are interested in a full year of membership before buying a Rocket membership.

Taormina: stasera Elton John e Ray Cooper in concerto al Teatro Antico

Il concerto della pop star inglese conclude stasera il calendario degli eventi estivi del “Circuito del Mito”, rassegna organizzata dell'Assessorato al Turismo e Spettacolo e diretta da Giancarlo Zanetti.
Ancora un grande evento in programma nella suggestiva cornice del Teatro Antico di Taormina: stasera, alle ore 21, sarà la pop star inglese Elton John a regalare grandi emozioni e magiche atmosfere al numeroso pubblico presente al concerto.

L’artista britannico si esibirà insieme al suo vecchio amico Ray Cooper che, nella metà degli anno 70, era il percussionista della sua band e vanta prestigiose collaborazioni con gruppi storici quali i Rolling Stones, Who, America, Pink Floyd ed artisti del calibro di Eric Clapton, Carly Simon, George Harrison e Sting.

In oltre due ore di spettacolo Elton John proporrà i maggiori suoi successi della sua quarantennale carriera che lo hanno reso celebre in tutto il mondo: “Rocket Man”, “Crocodile rock”, “Daniel”, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, “Don`t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”, “Nikita”, “Sacrifice”, "Candle in the Wind" (composta nel 1973 ed ispirata a Marilyn Monroe e riadattata in 0 occasione della scomparsa di Diana Spencer), "Your Song" (un vero e proprio tributo all'amore), “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” (una ballata in cui si evidenzia l’intensità drammatica della voce di Elton) e “Blue eyes” (brano dall'armonioso arrangiamento) e le note del suo pianoforte si intrecceranno con le vibranti percussioni di Ray Cooper.

Al termine del tour italiano il prossimo appuntamento con Elton John è fissato per il 19 ottobre, data prevista per la pubblicazione del suo nuovo album dal titolo “The Union”, composto in collaborazione con Leon Russell.

Leon and Sir Elton – Union

Posted on September 25, 2010 by
When Leon Russell first began his musical career it was as a session keyboardist, a specialist blues boogie player he was part of Phil Spector’s studio team in the Sixties. Then he struck out on his own, building his own studio and crafting his own songs.
His first hit was Delta Lady, performed by Joe Cocker. After that he had success with the song Superstar, which was made famous by The Carpenters and later revived by Sonic Youth.

When Elton John visited New York for the first time his idol was Russell, a piano -playing singer who he says influenced him more than any other. After John’s show at the famous Troubadour club in 1970 and after just one meeting the pair decided to tour together.
The Union is an album where they reunite after decades of differing fortunes. John is now Sir Elton John, and has truly experienced superstardom, with all the highs and lows that accompany that status, whilst Russell has steadily kept doing what he has always done, playing piano for well known artists, writing songs and recording in studios in his home state of Oklahoma, a much more private life by comparison.
This is not only collaboration between Russell and John. The project has contributions from lyricist Bernie Taupin, Brian Wilson, Neil Young and producer T Bone Burnett and many of the top session players in American music.
The production talents of Burnett are showcased by the interaction between players, arrangements and the crystal clear vision shown with each track. What impresses me about The Union is that it seems to bring out the best in both Russell and John, and Neil Young’s vocal performance on the track he sings on is brilliant too, like everyone is raising the level of their playing because of those around them.
With a vocal style that is understated, almost effortless, Russell contrasts with John, who sings with an ever-present emotive gusto.  The tracks that stand out the best are those that have the gospel choir backing, horn sections and full accompanying stomping rhythm. This rhythm is complemented by the dueling pianos and overall musician ship of the band.

Elton John AIDS Foundation supports University's HIV programme


Liverpool, UK - 16 September 2010: The University of Liverpool has been awarded funding by the Elton John AIDS Foundation to increase awareness of the problem of drug interactions in HIV positive patients as they face ageing-related conditions and illnesses.
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus – is a retrovirus that infects cells of the immune system, destroying or impairing their function.  As the infection progresses, the immune system becomes weaker and the person becomes more susceptible to other infections.  The most advanced stage of HIV infection is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). 
Anti-HIV or antiretroviral drugs dramatically slow down the process of cell damage.    Patients receiving combinations of antiretrovirals – so called Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) - can now expect to have a near-normal life expectancy.  However, these drugs can sometimes interact with each other and with any other drugs that the patient may be taking at the same time.
The Elton John AIDS Foundation has supported  the University of Liverpool to develop its HIV drug interactions website ( so that the web content is both user friendly and relevant to patient needs in different parts of the world.  A low technology version of the website will be designed for low bandwidth meaning that people in areas without fast internet connections, such as the developing world and remote locations, can access the website quickly and easily. This version will also include the key drugs used in developing countries.
Sir Elton John said: "Over the past three years we have made enormous progress in scaling up ARV treatment around the world.  We need to be sure that treatment can be managed well. To do that, the world’s healthcare professionals need to know as much as possible about the drugs they prescribe.  This project will help them maintain safe treatment for thousands of people living with HIV around the world"
The HIV drug interactions website provides a comprehensive online guide to the interactions between  antiretroviral drugs and between antiretrovirals and other drugs.  When drugs are taken in combination they may interact: sometimes the HIV drugs may be made ineffective or may give unexpected adverse effects and the same can be true for a co-prescribed drug. The situation is further complicated if HIV patients take not only prescribed medications but other over-the-counter, recreational or herbal drugs in addition to their HIV drug treatments.
Professor David Back said: “We are delighted to receive this award which will enable us to provide HIV patients and healthcare professionals in the UK and overseas with access to information about HIV drug interactions that is relevant, reliable and up-to-date and can be accessed via a free, user-friendly and open service. With pressure on drugs budgets in developed world and limited access to anatiretrovirals in developing countries, it is vital to ensure the optimisation of therapy. ”
There are currently 25 different antiretrovirals available to treat HIV. Antiretroviral treatment reduces both the mortality and morbidity of HIV infection.  The HIV drug interactions website provides drug interaction charts, an FAQ section and information on the latest research in HIV drug developments.  More recently, a facility to download the information to pocket PC devices was added which enables doctors and health professionals on the move to access the latest information without access to an internet connection.  An ‘App’ for iPhone is currently in development.

Elton John & Billy Joel - 1998-03-30 - Tokyo, Japan
Face To Face Live in Japan 1998

Title: Face To Face.
Label: Spot Lights.
Catalog #: JJ-98031/2.
Venue: Tokyo Dome, Japan 3/30-31/98.
Recording: Soundboard.

disc one
Your Song [with Billy Joel]
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me [with Billy Joel]
Angry Young Man [Billy Joel]
Stranger [Billy Joel]
Just The Way You Are [Billy Joel]
Allentown [Billy Joel]
I Go To Extremes [Billy Joel]
My Life [with Billy Joel]
River Of Dreams [Billy Joel]
Candle In The Wind [Billy Joel]
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me [Billy Joel]
Big Shot [Billy Joel]
Grey Seal

disc two
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Uptown Girl
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues [with Billy Joel]
Take Me To The Pilot
Something About The Way You Look Tonight
Philadelphia Freedom
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)
The Bitch Is Back [with Billy Joel]
You May Be Right [with Billy Joel]
Bennie And The Jets [with Billy Joel]
Piano Man [with Billy Joel].

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