THE PROSPECT of a concert by Elton John and Leon Russell in Ontario raised at least two pertinent questions: 1. Elton John is coming to Ontario?!
2. Wait...Leon who?
Undeterred by the second question, I plunked down $66 for a ticket based on the first question (which was more of an exclamation). For Ontario to get the Eagles, Bob Dylan and Elton John in 2010 probably exceeds our most optimistic expectations for the arena.
John isn't among my favorites, but I own most of his 1970s albums. You have to be well-versed in rock lore to know much about Russell, who worked with Joe Cocker and George Harrison but has languished in obscurity since the 1970s.
The unusual pairing promised a focus on John's early work, a plus for me. After buying a ticket - $66 qualified as a cheap seat, up on the second deck - I read that John and Russell were releasing an album together.
John said in interviews that he considered Russell something of a mentor. They reconnected recently and John suggested they cut an album. Russell, blissfully unaware this would lead to him playing an arena in Ontario, agreed.
Like most in the audience, I didn't know quite what to expect from Friday's concert. But we showed up anyway.
Boy did we show up. My only other experience at Citizens Business Bank Arena was the Dylan show in August. The place was probably half full and parking was a breeze.
This time, they were using overflow lots