Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011

Elton John Induct New Members of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Neil Young, Paul Simon and Elton John to Induct New Members of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rob Zombie and Bette Midler will also speak at ceremony

Leon Russell and Elton John perform at the Beacon Theatre on October 20, 2010 in New York City.
By Andy Greene
February 8, 2011 7:45 AM ET
An A-list group of rock stars will give the induction speeches for this year's crop of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced. Neil Young will induct his longtime friend Tom Waits, while Elton John will do the honors for his recent collaborator Leon Russell and Paul Simon will give the speech for his fellow Brill Building songwriter Neil Diamond. The annual induction ceremony will take place March 14th at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. It will be broadcast on Fuse.
Neil Diamond, Tom Waits and Alice Cooper Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Also on hand that evening will be Rob Zombie to induct his hero Alice Cooper, John Legend to induct his fellow piano player Dr. John and Bette Midler to induct her singing idol Darlene Love. Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman will be inducted by Doors drummer John Densmore, while Speciality Records founder Art Rupe will be inducted by Lloyd Price, who was discovered by Rupe in 1952.

Sir Elton John and David Furnish 'expected' prejudice at becoming parents

New parents Sir Elton John and David Furnish said they 'expected' prejudice when they decided to have a baby.
image: Elton John
The couple, who have been together for 17 years, became parents when their son Zachary was born via a surrogate on Christmas Day.
Speaking about the prejudices they face, John said to Sky News: "To be honest we expected it. There's only, really, one publication that's been like that and we knew that was going to happen.
"It's sad in this day and age that they're like that but we expected it because it's par for the course."
He added: "They don't seem to like David and me very much anyway - we knew this wasn't going to be everyone's cup of tea."

Elton John to Honor Leon Russell at Hall of Fame Gala

February 09, 2011 03:37:36 GMT will induct pal Leon Russell into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame when the pianist is honored among the Class of 2011 next month, March 11.

The Brit gave Russell's career a boost last year, when he recorded collaborative album "" with his hero and mentor - and now the "Tight Rope" singer has asked his friend to introduce him at the Hall of Fame gala in New York. Russell and John are also nominated for a Grammy Award for "The Union".

Meanwhile, will induct , and will induct at the ceremony on March 20. will be honored by , Dr. John by and Darlene Love by .

‘Gnomeo and Juliet’ director Kelly Asbury – San Francisco Chronicle

Kelly Asbury, executive of “Shrek 2″ as great as “Spirit: Stallion of a Cimarron,” contingency have told a story a hundred times by now, though reloads with copiousness of unrestrained anyway.
“My producer, Baker Bloodworth, said, ‘Look, there’s this movie here we wish we to direct. It’s “Romeo as great as Juliet,” ‘ as great as we went, ‘In animation?’ ‘We’re we do a modern-day revelation as great as we’re regulating grassed area gnomes. It’s called “Gnomeo as great as Juliet.” … We wish to operate classical as great as latest songs by Elton John as great as Bernie Taupin. Now, we can do anything we wish with this mixture.’ we said, ‘Garden gnomes, Shakespeare as great as Elton John. OK, that’s a plea for a storyteller, to lift which together.’ It took about 5 years, though we did it.”
The passionate Asbury’s spectacular pits red plaster-statue gnomes opposite blue in a story of unhappy lovers set in Stratford-upon-Avon. With voice bent together with James McAvoy as Gnomeo as great as Emily Blunt as Juliet, as great as Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Hulk Hogan, Dolly Parton as great as Ozzy Osbourne, a movie will during a really slightest be a answer to a little comical anything insubstantial questions. Asbury says of a sole hour they had to jot down Parton, “I said, ‘Dolly, we need a single large “Yee-ha” out of you, OK?’ as great as she gave me 10 of a many appropriate ‘Yee-has’ I’ve ever had in my life.”
Explaining which a strange book came to John’s studio, Rocket Pictures, a little years ago as great as a stone luminary had been closely concerned from a beginning, a executive says which a little of a wealth from John’s value chest of songs served as signposts for a story.
For instance, “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” finished for “good dueling music” – here a lawnmower race, not a swordfight – as great as “Rocket Man” served as Gnomeo’s thesis (John as great as Taupin additionally contributed dual latest songs, together with “Hello, Hello,” sung with Lady Gaga). But how, generally, to have a single of a many important of tragedies protected for kids?
“I satisfied we patently can’t finish it similar to a original,” says Asbury. “If you’re starting to kill your male lead … we have nonetheless to see it finished really successfully” in an charcterised movie for kids.
Asbury pronounced in a stage in which a statue of Shakespeare tells Gnomeo a strange story, “it was James McAvoy who (ad-libbed), ‘That’s a distressing ending! That’s rubbish!’ We said, ‘That’s starting in a movie!’ “
That confront with a indian Bard (voiced, naturally, by Patrick Stewart) isn’t a usually Shakespearean reference. Sharp-eyed fans should watch for any printed signs as great as cut up their ears for a little biggest hits from alternative plays, slipped in for kicks.
“My really a one preferred is, someway we got ‘Out, damn spot’ in there,” says Asbury with a laugh. “First we said, ‘Is it OK to contend damn?’ given it’s so perfect.
“A lot of people contend to me, ‘Is this great to do to a Shakespeare piece?’ And we think, ‘You know, “West Side Story” did it really cleverly, in a opposite way.’ But if we demeanour during ‘Bonnie as great as Clyde,’ ‘Titanic,’ ‘Avatar,’ ‘Grease,’ ‘Brokeback Mountain’ … they’re all ‘Romeo as great as Juliet’ stories. Star-crossed lovers who have a future which isn’t indispensably starting to work in their favor. That’s a concept story, that’s an classical story. So we’re creation ‘Romeo as great as Juliet’ with grassed area gnomes, as great as it’s loyal to a fool around as great as we consider it honors a play.”
But won’t purists be choking upon their saliva during a really notion? Decades after “West Side Story” as great as a horde of far-flung reinterpretations of a Bard given (see sidebar), will they spin up their noses or determine which a rose by any alternative homunculus smells as sweet?
“What, if not Shakespeare, is open for interpretation? Those kinds of things have been starting upon by history; we’re usually an additional understand of which classical material,” says a director.
He’s right, of course. Witness a David Garrick productions, pass to a resurgence of Shakespeare prolonged after his death, in which Romeo as great as Juliet survived. In fact, nothing alternative than Kenneth Branagh once said, when asked, “How distant is as well distant in receiving liberties with Shakespeare?’: “I do not know which there is as well far, actually. we consider there’s usually as well bad. If it’s bad, you’ve left as well far. The agility of Shakespeare is extraordinary.”
“Also,” says Asbury, “I consider Shakespeare, during his heart, was usually a approach all of us have been which have movies: He longed for to perform people. Now we’re we do a same thing as great as hopefully people will be entertained. That’s because we do what we do, period.” {sbox}
Gnomeo as great as Juliet (G) opens Friday during Bay Area theaters.
To see a trailer for “Gnomeo as great as Juliet,” go to
This essay appeared upon page P – eighteen of a San Francisco Chronicle

James McAvoy sarà Elton John?

10:56 mar 08 febbraio 2011
eltonDi solito per realizzare un film sulla vita di una star si aspetta che quest'ultima passi a miglior vita, ma non è il caso di Elton John, che vuole vedere in prima persona le sue gesta celebrate sul grande schermo: il cantante ha in cantiere un biopic su sè stesso e ha proposto il ruolo a James McAvoy.
Per chi non associasse il nome ad un volto, McAvoy è l'attore scozzese di 'Espiazione' e dell'action movie 'Wanted': 'James potrebbe interpretare la storia della mia vita e io gli ho già fatto un'offerta' ha annunciato Elton al Sunday Express. 'Vorrei realizzare un grande film che parli della mia esistenza. Oviamente non sarà una pellicola qualunque perché la mia vita è sempre stata folle ed è importante darne una visione surreale'.
L'autore di 'Rocket Man' è al lavoro con il partner e produttore David Furnish nella stesura del progetto: per la sceneggiatura hanno assoldato Lee Hall, autore del capolavoro british 'Billy Elliot'. La scelta dell'attore è ricaduta su McAvoy dopo che Elton John lo ha conosciuto durante la lavorazione del cartone animato 'Gnomeo e Giulietta', di cui cui rispettivamente il cantante curava la colonna sonora e James doppiava il protagonista.
McAvoy deve ancora dire la sua, preso da una serie di progetti: con un impegnativo passaggio di testimone dalle mani di Patrick Stewart, l'attore interpreterà il giovane professor Xavier in 'X-Men First Class'; in cantiere anche 'Wanted 2', stavolta senza Angelina Jolie. Ma si lascerà sfuggire l'occasione di indossare occhiali e giacca con lustrini intonando al piano 'Cocodrile Rock'?

Elton John: iPad 2 kommt im April!

Gerüchteküche - Dienstag, der 08.02.2011 um 18:38 Uhr
Hat der bekannte Sänger und Komponist Elton John in einem BBC-Interview womöglich beiläufig den Release Termin des Apple Tablet iPad 2 verraten?
Die Vermutung liegt jedenfalls sehr Nahe.
In dem besagten Interview erklärte der populäre Musiker so ganz am Rande, dass er im April sein Skype- iPad bekommen werde, mit dem er sein Gegenüber auch beim Telefonieren sehen kann.
Dies kann eigentlich nur bedeuten, dass Apple den Tablet-Nachfolger iPad 2 zu diesem Zeitpunkt wohl auf den Markt bringen wird, denn wie wir alle wissen, sind Videochats mit dem Apple Tablet-Computer der ersten Generation technisch nicht möglich.
Bereits seit einigen Monaten wird in der Gerüchteküche darüber spekuliert, dass Apple dem iPad 2 eine Kamera spendiert, welche auch für Videokonferenzen wie Facetime zur Verfügung stehen wird. Ein Special-Event zur Vorstellung des heiß begehrten Apple iPad 2 wird laut neuesten Gerüchtequellen für 13. Februar erwartet.
Demzufolge könnte ein Verkaufsstart im April durchaus in Apples Termingefüge passen. Allerdings stellen wir uns die Frage, woher ausgerechnet Sir Elton John nähere Details über Apples Pläne bezüglich des iPad 2 Launch haben sollte. Wie auch immer: Das besagte Video ist hier zu finden.
(Bildquelle: BBC)

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