Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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quinta-feira, 14 de julho de 2011

Elton John records wake-up call for astronauts

Squid Fry 07.14.11

Elton John: Good morning, Atlantis, this is Elton John.

KEN DOLL… Squid’s never been much of a circus fan, considering Squid can outshine a two-armed juggler any day, even while listening to music and eating a tuna sandwich. But Squid’s current entertainment of choice has become cataloging the never-ending list of faux pas to come out of Marina Coast Water District meetings, where hostility reigns supreme.
Squid was tickled to see (while perusing 100 pages of titillating meeting minutes) that Board Director Ken Nishi finds the Marina Coast circus dull. During a strategic planning meeting in June, Nishi said “he feels like going and taking a nap.”
But this isn’t nappy-time talk: “Director Nishi said that… they will never work together as a team.” The audience can thank fellow Director Jan Shriner for the plot twist: She has sassily suggested General Manager Jim Heitzman’s salary ($269,000, including bennies) is too big. Ken didn’t like that. Like Puck, Pedro and the peanut butter jar on The Real World, they all proceeded to call each other rude
Nishi wants to stay in the house: He stepped down from the board last year only to re-run for his seat. “After a few months he said he realized he missed everyone and wanted to come back,” the minutes state. Squid would considering laughing, maybe, if these clowns weren’t being entrusted with $400 million to water the Peninsula.

BOOK WORMS… Squid barely has time to read fireworks safety instructions, let alone a breezy novel. But a surge of local author submissions has Squid rethinking that policy.
Who can resist a Da Vinci Code knock-off that pegs Lovers Point as “the healing chakra of the world”? Even if it does perplex with turns of phrase like, “Suppose I tell you a tale, of a long time ago, and not so very distant.” Julian Collingwood’s Doubletime describes Pagrovians astutely: “He felt their other-worldiness, a strange disconnected calmness. Some had small smiles on their faces when he glanced at them, but he felt they weren’t meant for him… they were staring right through each other as though no one existed.”
And what about the romantic monarch lover’s dream plot in fast-reading The Butterfly’s Kingdom by Carmel’s Gwendolyn Geer Field? The main character’s rebirth parallels a caterpillar’s metamorphosis as four friends “find a spiritual path out of the mysteries of their dark and tangled past.”
Former Weekly contributor Tony Seton created a surge of summer material all by himself. “I can’t sleep,” he tells Squid, “because the characters want to continue the conversation.” His fourth novel in three months is called The Autobiography of John Dough, Gigolo. If that doesn’t get Squid’s summer fiction juices flowing, nothing will.

Elton John records wake-up call for astronauts

Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Sir Elton John woke up the astronauts on the final NASA shuttle mission on Thursday with a specially-recorded message – before the crew heard a clip of his track Rocket Man.
The team manning the shuttle Atlantis took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida last week to carry supplies and spare parts to the International Space Station. And they were given a starry treat on Thursday as NASA bosses broadcast a message from Sir Elton.
He said, “Good morning, Atlantis, this is Elton John. We wish you much success on your mission and a huge thank you to all the men and women at NASA who worked on the shuttle for the last three decades.”
Atlantis’ commander Christopher Ferguson replied, “Elton John. Music legend. Wow. That is absolutely fantastic.”
The crew was then played a short clip of the musician’s 1972 track Rocket Man, according to Sky News.
There have been 135 flights into space since the shuttle program was launched in 1981.

Elton John talks to Music Week

18:29 | Thursday July 14, 2011

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