Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010

Watch: Lady GaGa debuts new song 'You and I' at Elton John's ball

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attends The 12th Annual White Tie and Tiara Ball to Benefit Elton John AIDS Foundation in Association with Chopard at Woodside on June 24, 2010 in Windsor, England.

Watch: Lady GaGa debuts new song 'You and I' at Elton John's ball

Watch: Lady GaGa debuts new song 'You and I' at Elton John's 
Lady Gaga and Elton John
Lady GaGa unveiled a new song, “You and I,” at Elton John’s annual White Tie & Tiara Ball.
Affecting a fake accent, she declared it was the first time she’s played the song live "evah." She also says it’s a “rock and roll tune,” which means “it most likely won’t ever get used as one of my singles, so I guess it’s okay if I play it tonight.”
The song reminds us a little bit of any number of 4 Non Blondes tunes and Katharine McPhee’s very underrated tune, “Had It All.”
The mid-tempo track is probably about as straight-ahead a love song as we’re going to get from Lady Gaga as she reminisces about a lost love that still has a bit of a hold on her as she strolls down memory lane. It’s a strong, though not exceptional song, and she’s probably right not to think of it as a first single, but we could certainly see if as a fourth or fifth single off her new album. The piano banging at the end is a nice little homage to Elton, with whom she’s become fast friends.
And here’s something else we’re wondering. This is fairly grainy footage seemingly taken by a fan, whose previous clips have no more than 25,000 hits or so, yet this one has already hit half a million thanks to a little help from Perez Hilton. It would seem Lady GaGa’s label is trying to start a viral campaign since they’re not trying to take down this or “Changing Skies,”  the other song that leaked last week.
We know we’re playing grammarian here, but even a fifth grader knows it’s “about you and me,” not “about you and I,” so that part is like a sharp poke with a stick every time we here it. C’mon, Lady GaGa, you don’t want all your little monsters sounding like they don’t know their grammar, do you?
What do you think of "You and I?"

Elton John Lady Gaga @ Elton John's White Tie and Tiara ball 2010

Elton John _ Lady Gaga @ Elton John_s White Tie and Tiara..HD.avi

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Scissor Sisters scrap album after Elton John's critique

Sister Scissors
The Scissor Sister's took Elton John's criticism very seriously. Picture: File Source: Supplied
GLAM-POP group Scissor Sisters scrapped months of work after Elton John said the proposed album bored him.
After the rock legend -- and frontman Jake Shears' personal idol -- said "this isn't it," Shears flew to Berlin and spent two months dancing his way through the German club scene, the New York Post reported.
“That was really the defining moment,” Shears said.
“He called me up and just validated things I’d been feeling.”
In Berlin, he caught a vibe that made him feel connected to what he calls the human tribe, which in turn inspired Night Work.
“I wanted this album to be really sexy, and there’s nothing better than feeling sexy on the dance floor,” he said.

“That kind of sexual energy is like magic, electric. I wanted to ... focus on something with more drive and more sex and more edge.”
He even recruited actor Ian McKellen to provide a suggestive, spoken-word interlude on the song Invisible Light - that mentions “painted whores, sexual gladiators, fiercely old party children. All wake from their slumber to debut the bacchanal.”
“It’s sort of the thesis statement for the record,” Shears said.
“The record’s about being turned on in all the different, wonderful ways that humans are -- and celebrating that.”

Meanwhile, Kylie Minogue made her first ever appearance at Glastonbury, joining the Scissor Sisters on stage.
Tens of thousands of festival goers watched on in delight as Minogue joined the band singing a rendition of Any Which Way from the band's new album.
The 42-year-old star ran onto the stage in Somerset, England, wearing a sexy, black lace leotard and mirrored thigh-high boots.
Minogue has been working with Scissor Sisters singer Jake, who helped her with a track on her new LP.

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