Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

Elton John Doesn't Own a Computer, iPod or Portable Phone

Elton John Doesn't Own a Computer, iPod or "Portable Phone"

Elton John is no tech whiz. The "Rocket Man" singer, 63, doesn't own an iPod, computer or cell phone.
According to, Sir Elton John claims he doesn't own a "portable phone" and is the only person he knows who still bothers to memorize phone numbers.
“Everybody else puts them into their phone. I feel like a grumpy old man, but I’ve made the choice not to join in with all that,” he said.
John also said in the interview that he "f***ing hates" pop music videos and that he doesn't have a fondness for "D-list celebrities," ShowbizSpy said.
“I loathe celebrity. I can’t stand it,” he said.


Organisers of Elton John gig told to pay up,+2009.+coolfwdmail+2.jpg

Concert organizers in Italy have been told they need to pay the money back they used to hold an Elton John gig in Naples.
Sir Elton John was a headline for the concert as part of a festival in Naples, Italy. The event cost 720,000 Euros that came from the EU as funding to enhance regional development. It was only recently the EU discovered the cost of the gig and that some of the funds helped pay for the gig.
After looking into the case which was discovered while undertaking an audit into where the fund were being spent across the EU, the European commission sent a letter to the Italian government stating the funds spent needed to be reimbursed.
The commissions spokesmen said that the concert was not eligible for EU funding. The funding is aimed towards cultural events that aim to develop certain regions and also need to have long term investments.
The star and musical legend played at the festival in Naples last year in September 2009 in a concert that attracted over 100,000 and broad casted on Italian TV.
Sir Elton John only played the gig and accusations are towards the Italian government and not the pop star himself.


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