Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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Elton John's Hubby Sports New Tattoo With Son's Name

Art Museum celebrates musician Elton John

Posted: Apr 1, 2011 9:21 PM by David Jay
BILLINGS - Elton John performs in Billings in a little more than a week...and tonight...the Yellowstone Art Museum celebrated John's upcoming visit.
Doug McShane of the MojoCats played his own music along with some of the Grammy Award winner and Rock and Roll Hall Famer's hits, at and Elton John Tribute Party.
The museum gave a prize for the the funkiest Elton John glasses.
The party highlights the connection of art and Elton John.
"He was definitely original to his time," said Drew Bennett, marketing manager for the Yellowstone Art Museum. "That's what the Yellowstone Art Museum embraces; contemporary art and music and art are a great tie together. We were just excited that Elton John was coming here and so we thought we'd pay tribute to him by trying to do our own gig."
Elton John performs at MetraPark on Sunday, April 10th.

Sir Elton Embraces Technology For Baby Son

Sir Elton John's baby son has finally pushed him into the 21st Century - the technophobic superstar has bought his first iPad so he can see the tot on a webcam when he's touring.
The Rocket Man is famously old fashioned when it comes to technology, admitting he doesn't own a cell phone and only ever uses computers to read the news in his office.
But following the birth of little Zachary via surrogate in December (10), the singer has been forced to embrace modern devices so he can stay in contact with his family when he's on the road.
His partner David Furnish says, "It's moved Elton into the computer age. For someone who steadfastly refused to get online, embrace the computer, embrace the internet, Elton took delivery of his first iPad two weeks ago because it has the dual camera on it and he wants to be able to (use online phone service) Skype (to call) his little son every day when he's not with him."

Elton John Chastises Kings of Leon Over 'Glee' Feud

by Lindsay Powers, The Hollywood Reporter  |   Abril 01, 2011 5:30 EDT

Michael Becker/FOX
Kings of Leon Grammys
Elton John (top), Kings of Leon
Elton John thinks Kings of Leon should have let "Glee" use their music.

"There's a big debate going on about the 'Glee' thing at the moment. A lot of bands say they don't want their stuff on 'Glee.' It's like, 'Lighten up, you assholes,'" John said on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Thursday.

John is referring to KOL turning down "Glee's" request to sing "Use Somebody," which led to creator Ryan Murphy to blurt out in a Hollywood Reporter cover story, "F--- you, Kings of Leon." Bandmate Nathan Followill fired back on Twitter, telling Murphy to "buy a new bra," which Murphy called "homophobic." Frequent guest star Gwyneth Paltrow mediated the feud.

Added John on "Late Night": "This is a compliment, also it sends a positive message out. What the hell is wrong with you guys? 'Oh, we don't want our music played.' Well, Kings of Leon, lighten up guys, c'mon… listen, when someone wants to do your song, it's a compliment."

John says he still gets excited when anyone performs his music, such as "American Idol" this week.

"It's so great when people do your songs. I started off as a songwriter. Even now, when I get into an elevator and hear muzak... I feel really happy when it's one of my songs because it's a compliment when somebody records or does one of your songs. It doesn't matter if it's a bad version…. it's just a thrill."

Elton John's Hubby Sports New Tattoo With Son's Name

David Furnish, who recently had a son with husband Elton John, is proudly showing off his newest tattoo in honor of their son Zachary.
While leaving Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood, the smiling 48-year-old daddy sported fresh ink on his forearm. Looks as though it was done within the last day or so ... judging by the redness around the ink.
Little Zachary is one lucky baby to have such a doting dad!
Find out how long David and Elton have been together ... after the jump.
Elton John thinks Kings of Leon should have let Glee use their music.
"There's a big debate going on about the Glee thing at the moment. A lot of bands say they don't want their stuff on Glee. It's like, 'Lighten up, you assholes,'" John said on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Thursday. Watch above. PHOTOS: Behind the scenes of Glee
John is referring to KOL turning down Glee's request to sing "Use Somebody," which led to creator Ryan Murphy to blurt out in a Hollywood Reporter cover story, "F--- you, Kings of Leon." Bandmate Nathan Followill fired back on Twitter, telling Murphy to “buy a new bra,” which Murphy called “homophobic.” Frequent guest star Gwyneth Paltrow mediated the feud.
Added John on Late Night: "This is a compliment, also it sends a positive message out. What the hell is wrong with you guys? 'Oh, we don't want our music played.' Well, Kings of Leon, lighten up guys, c'mon… listen, when someone wants to do your song, it's a compliment."
John says he still gets excited when anyone performs his music, such as American Idol this week.
"It's so great when people do your songs. I started off as a songwriter. Even now, when I get into an elevator and hear muzak... I feel really happy when it's one of my songs because it's a compliment when somebody records or does one of your songs. It doesn't matter if it's a bad version…. it's just a thrill."

Elton John Concert Tips | Video
Rob Martin

Music superstar Elton John is coming to Bismarck for a one night performance on Wednesday. That means the area around the Civic Center is going to be a very busy place.

If you plan on hopping and bopping along, here is some advice to make your evening enjoyable and hassle-free.

The iconic Elton John is coming to the Bismarck Civic Center next week Wednesday, April 6, for a great concert.

There`s expected to be right around 9,000 people here, it might be hard to find a ticket though. But they are making some changes so keep checking online, for any opening seats.

They also gave us a few tips for anyone headed to the concert.

When you`re coming down to the concert, expect to see long lines. The doors are going to open 1.5 hours before the concert at 6:30 p.m.

There`s two main entrances. You want to come down to the south entrance, especially if going to will call or need to buy tickets. If you already have tickets in hand the north entrance will work just fine.

As with most concerts they are not allowing any recording or camera equipment in to the facilities, so you might want to check your bag before you head on in.

Also, expect some road closures. Bowen Avenue between Fifth Street and Seventh Street is going to be closed from 7:00 on Wednesday morning all the way to 7:00 a.m. on Thursday morning, the day after the concert.

Sweet Avenue between the arena and the exhibit hall is going to be used as a staging area or drop off location for people that already have tickets in hand.

Parking will be difficult with only about 900 parking spots closest to the Civic Center, but the big lots just south of the arena are free. Just make sure to arrive early.

American Idol' Recap: Elton John Brings Out The Contestants' Best

March 31st, 2011 9:33am EDT

Paul McDonald
I guess sometimes the music’s all that matters.
After promising us no restrictive theme nights this year, the ‘Idol’ producers follow Motown night with a night devoted to not just one musical style, but one musical artist: Elton John. But unlike Motown, this one worked almost down the line.
I think it’s a case of addition by subtraction. The contestants last night were limited to so few songs, but almost all of John’s are so good that it didn’t matter. No matter which way a contestant went, they’d be able to pick a great tune and work with the producers who really on point this week: The arrangements were definitely the best of the season. The combination of all that gave us an ‘Idol’ night that bordered on amazing, and was certainly the best so far this season.
Speaking of amazing things involving Elton John, I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish my old Second City teacher Matt Craig good luck on his first week writing for “Saturday Night Live” with the great Reg Dwight as host. Of course, you’d have already known about that if you followed me on Twitter – which you can do @paynehumor.
Now let’s get on with the recap!
Random Thoughts Waiting for the Actual Show to Start:
By now, everyone knows I’m pretty fed up with Casey, so clearly I wasn’t much of a fan of the “In Memoriam” God-ing up of him before the show started. It’s pretty clear the producers want him to stick around, and they’ll do whatever they can to make that happen.
According to the Elton John retrospective, Elton and Bernie Taupin met, “by chance”. If chance is a record executive specifically pairing the two of you because one couldn’t write music and the other couldn’t write lyrics is considered chance, then their meeting was indeed quite serendipitous. In other words, somebody needs to show the producers of ‘Idol’ some tapes of VH1 circa 1999.
Ah, the fashion shoot. What a creepy angle with which to go forward throughout the rest of the episode. I also enjoyed Seacrest’s saying that this will prepare them for their futures as “Pop Icons”. Pop Icons such as Lisa Tucker, Chris Sligh and Camile Valesco, no doubt.
And, here we go…
Scotty McCreery sang “Country Comfort”
Jimmy Said: He’s a one-trick pony, but it’s one of the best tricks I’ve ever seen.
Steven Said: You did it again for me, Scotty.
J-Lo Said: You have amazing instincts about performing and what’s right for you.
Randy Said: You have seasoned so fast on this show. Very nicely done.
The Verdict:
Just as Scotty’s a one-trick pony singing, reviewing has turned into a one-trick pass time. He just comes out, slays a country song like he’s been doing it for 20 years, and seems completely comfortable onstage. There’s not really much more to say even though this was a bit duller than most of his other performances. Though I did dig the slide guitar.
Grade: B
Prediction: I don’t anticipate dropping Scotty from the top of my power rankings this week.

Naima Adedapo sang “I’m Still Standing”

Jimmy Said: It’s gonna be difficult to deliver, but if she does it’ll be special.
Steven Said: Good for you picking a song that fits you.
J-Lo Said: It was a better idea than it was payoff.
Randy Said: It came off kinda corny.
The Verdict:
I was prepared to hate this, ready to say that nobody’s ever done Elton reggae because it’s a stupid idea.
Well, I was sorta wrong. Naima did an excellent job of transforming this song to the point that it sounds like every other reggae song. Yes, that’s because all reggae songs sound exactly the same, but it’s a testament to her ability to cover the song that I wouldn’t have even known what she was singing until she hit the chorus – it was that big of a transformation.
I don’t know that it worked on every level, and her voice certainly wasn’t of the quality it usually was, but I totally dig anyone who wants to reinvent a song on an original level.
Grade: B-
Prediction: It was memorable, but I don’t know that it was memorable enough to overcome going so early. With two people going this week, she’s in real danger.

Paul McDonald sang “Rocket Man”

Jimmy Said: He’s gonna have to bring his charisma and a new intensity.
Steven Said: You sound like a lot of great artists that don’t always hit the right note.
J-Lo Said: You need to push yourself vocally.
Randy Said: It still feels like you’re holding back.
The Verdict:
This is just great stuff. It has the dreamy feel of 70s Bowie and the heartache of an English singer/songwriter like David Gray. A wonderful way to rework the song, updating it and making it feel timeless at the same time.
And Paul just owns it. Every step of the way he’s on point vocally, stays completely connected to the song and owns the stage like he’s just sold out Madison Square Garden for 50,000 people there to see just him.
This was a brilliant performance and a stroke of real artistry. Unlike the faux-artistry of the Bowersoxes and Caseys of the world.
Grade: A
Prediction: I totally disagreed with the judges who seemed too obsessed with his vocal quality and not enough on the overall brilliance of his performance and covering of the song. I think America will side with me and Paul will be safe.

Pia Toscano sang “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”

Jimmy Said: Knock Randy’s ass out of the chair!
Steven Said: This just goes to prove some people might be wrong when they told you not to sing ballads anymore. Just about as good as it gets.
J-Lo Said: It’s crazy what you do with your voice up there.
Randy Said: You’ve sung a ballad every time and you’ve slayed them every time.
The Verdict:
Pia’s voice is so electric that she could come out, sing a karaoke version of the song, and still be in the top five each week. She just has a searing weapon of a voice.
And what’s so great about her, is that she’s not content to do that. Here she puts a lovely country-roots-gospel spin on this song and injects some real soul and dirt into a 70s A.C. standard.
This version could top about five different Billboard charts at once including the Hot 100 right now – it’s just that good. And Pia’s voice is, as always, just about perfect.
Grade: A-
Prediction: Overwhelming praise from the judges should keep her around this week and many more.

Stefano Langone sang “Tiny Dancer”

Jimmy Said: I think it’s gonna be a difficult night for him.
Steven Said: Tonight you just connected to the audience.
J-Lo Said: Amazing. Really good.
Randy Said: Very nice job, dude. Very nice.
The Verdict:
I’m not sure how well Stefano’s voice was suited to this song. It just never seemed big enough to handle the grandeur that is this pop epic. It almost felt like he was sucking the air out of it by not being able to give us a Baroque vocal.
While all that may be true, there was still plenty that I liked about the performance. I found myself bopping my head along with the contemporary pop spin put on the record and I liked that Stefano was no longer singing with his eyes closed and only worried about the notes.
His vocals kind of suffered for all those improvements in his performance. But I think those changes went to enhance the overall quality of Stefano’s night.
Grade: C+
Prediction: I’m not sure, that was a little flat and Stefano did hit the bottom three last week. I think he’s in trouble again.

Lauren Alaina sang “Candle in the Wind”

Jimmy Said: Your voice sounds great on this. Your emotion, you did it.
Steven Said: That was just perfect.
J-Lo Said: That was amazing. Best of the night.
Randy Said: Very nice. Very sensitive. Very pro.
The Verdict:
This is a wonderful, soaring version of this song. Jimmy was very right in the intro, when he said this could be interpreted well by a country singer, as Lauren’s slight twang sounded excellent on this rendition and helped enhance the emotional quality of her performance.
That’s not to say it was perfect. Alaina’ immaturity shows through at points in this song where she feels a need to hit some stray notes and embellish her vocal at points where it would be far more impactful to just sing the notes straight on and let the melody do its work.
That’s not to say it was bad. It just wasn’t as good as it could have been in the throat of a more seasoned singer.
Grade: B+
Prediction: Lauren’s been safe so far, and this was her best night. No reason her safety should be in question.
James Durbin performs

James Durbin sang “Saturday Night’s All Right (For Fighting)”

Jimmy Said: He’s taking a risk with going through the audience.
Steven Said: That was beautiful. It was a good thing.
J-Lo Said: When you’re up there, I forget that I’m at a competition show.
Randy Said: That was a great, great, great performance.
The Verdict:
James definitely took the pro wrestling experience of last week to heart as he ran through the audience like The Ultimate Warrior and worked the crowd like Ric Flair. He’s on another level from everyone else when it come down to performing – he’s just so free and fearless on stage and makes his performances into a party each week, this time complete with a flaming piano.
While the performance was a lot of fun, I must quibble with the actual singing. Durbin did absolutely nothing with this song other than water it down with a straight karaoke rendition. Yes, he can scream, but that seems like his only trick at this point. It’d be nice to see him do something other than just sing the song like it was recorded and run around the stage.
As fun as that may be.
Grade: B-
Prediction: A flaming piano? Yeah, he’s definitely safe.

Thia Megia sang “Daniel”

Jimmy Said: I think you sang a great Elton John song well.
Steven Said: You’re gonna go places, man. Really good. Thank you.
J-Lo Said: I think it was a beautiful moment for you.
Randy Said: It was very safe.
The Verdict:
This is reminiscent of her top 24 performance when she stayed still, connected emotionally with the song, and just let her voice do all the talking for itself. She’s very well suited to these elegant ballads that allow her to sing a simple melody well rather than attempting to be something she’s not or try to do too much vocally.
Here, she’s right in that lane. It may be a bit safe, but she does it so well that I don’t see anything wrong with that. These steady ballads are what Thia does best.
Plus, she kinda made me dig one of Elton John’s worst songs. I didn’t think that was possible.
Grade: B-
Prediction: It was a bit sleepy and may not stand out enough for voters. She could hit the bottom three again.

Casey Abrams sang “Your Song”

Jimmy Said: It was humble and exactly the right tone.
Steven Said: One of the finest moments on this show was putting you through.
J-Lo Said: I didn’t lose an ounce of sleep saving you.
Randy Said: That was absolutely brilliant.
The Verdict:
Wow. So Casey gets his own trip to the barbershop for an extra video package introduction. It’s not like the producers are trying their damndest to keep him around or anything. At least he ended up looking exactly the same afterwards.
Now how about that performance. This sounded like a father who grabbed the microphone at his daughter’s wedding and said, “Listen everybody. I got a song to sing for my little girl!” and proceeded to embarrass his daughter for 2 minutes before the DJ wrestled the mic from him.
There’s just nothing special about this vocal. It’s flat in parts. He misses a ton of notes and there’s really no interpretation – it’s just a dull karaoke version of the song sung by somebody who can’t sing. I’ve always dug Casey’s tone, but that was entirely absent here – this was like a different singer than we’ve seen, and one that’s much worse and far less interesting.
Grade: D+
Prediction: The judges were very bloated in their praise to the point of satire. Yes, they’re trying everything to keep him around, so I think he’ll be safe.

Jacob Lusk sang “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”

Jimmy Said: When Jacob goes to the over-dramatizing he can blow the whole thing.
Steven Said: Both halves of the song were equal. (Huh?)
J-Lo Said: That last note? You don’t see that every day.
Randy Said: Just give me one spot where you go all the way up.
The Verdict:
Uh-oh. After a few weeks off, bad Jacob has reared his over-singing head. This time it’s not so much in Jacob singing 87 notes for each quarter beat, but instead him gaudying up the song to the point that it sounded like a torch song at the end of Stephen Sondheim’s first act.
I almost expected a set to come crashing down around him at the end of that song as the music soared to overly bombastic heights and Jacob counterpunched by stretching his voice to the point where he was nearly shouting and contorted his face in ways that were a bit disturbing.
This one was without that Lusky soul stank that’s really brought his performances to the next level and instead reeked of musical theater to the point that he needed half-a-mask and a cape to really complete the vibe. Not his best stuff.
Grade: C-
Prediction: Of course, he’ll get through. People like him for reason’s I can’t begin to comprehend.

Haley Reinhart sang “Bennie and the Jets”

Jimmy Said: She moves great. She has great tone and great style when she sings. She doesn’t always bring all three, but tonight she will.
Steven Said: You’re a shining star.
J-Lo Said: That was it, Haley!
Randy Said: Best performance of the night, right there!.
The Verdict:
The most alarming trend on this show so far this season is this insistence by some of the girls on singing songs like a Vegas lounge act in 1959. I’m not sure where the clamor for that type of singing is or where these singers even developed that style. Maybe they  had their musical awakening in those five weeks where the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies were popular.
And that leaves us with Haley’s performance. It wasn’t half-bad considering it was one of these lounge-act performance. I dug the rawness in Haley’s voice and her fearlessness in committing completely to the song – it was probably her best vocal.
Still, it was a lounge act performance. A lounge act performance! It can’t be that good.
Grade: C+
Prediction: Could the pimp spot be Haley’s salvation? It’s either that or Randy saying, for some reason, that this was the best of the night. Looks like we’ll be seeing more of Ms. Reinhart.
Final Thoughts:
It’s nights like this that make me question my negative attitude toward the restrictive theme nights. You don’t get much more restrictive than limiting the contestants to one artist, and especially one like Elton John who recorded almost exclusively piano-based singer/songwriter pop.
That should have been hugely limiting, but instead these contestants used John’s great music to their advantage and delivered probably the most consistently good night of the year so far.
But even when it’s so good, there has to be some bad, and somebody to get eliminated.
I thought Casey was the worst of the night, but after the hype over his save and the producers’ incessantly clamoring for him to be noticed, I don’t think he’s in any real danger – even if he got voted off last week.
But the rest of last week’s bottom three are: Thia and Stefano just didn’t do anything to really stick out in this crowded, so they’ll both be on the bottom.
They’ll be joined by the reggae queen Naima, who continues to show that this competition just isn’t right for her. Everything she does just doesn’t really fit with “Pop Music Idol” and I think now’s the time she finally hits the road.
But who will join her? I’ll say Thia, if only because I’m still of the opinion that there’s some bit of heartthrob factor with Stefano.
What did everybody else think of last night’s show?

Recap: 'American Idol' Top 11 - Elton John Night

Recap: 'American Idol' Top 11 - Elton John Night
Haley Reinhart of 'American Idol'
Credit: FOX

Casey shaves! Haley sings in parseltongue! And Jacob goes understated!

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2011 10:15 PM
Get ready for a lot of Elton John this week, America.

In addition to lending this week's "American Idol" its theme, the "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" singer will be host and musical guest on this weekend's "Saturday Night Live."

We know the "SNL" writers won't know what to do with Sir Elton, but could he bring out the best in the Top 11? Click through to find out...

Singer: Scotty McCreery
Song: "Country Comfort"
My Take: Uh-oh. Opening an 11-person show didn't work out so well for Casey Abrams last week. Jimmy Iovine sounds like he's getting tired of One-Trick Pony Scotty, but at least the pony has brought out his guitar this week. That means Scott isn't holding the microphone on a severe angle and it also means he almost has to keep his neck straight. The improvement in his stage presence is dramatic. This is the first time I've been able to watch Scotty in a couple weeks. This isn't an Elton John song that I know, but Scotty seems to give it a solid, but thoroughly unexciting spin, right up until a killer low note at the very end. And by "killer," I mean that Scotty somehow misses the note entirely and has to wiggle his voice into the melody. We already knew that Scotty's got the young women in his pocket, but tonight he stands up for a verse about his grandma with the producers and then gives a shout-out to the woman herself during the performance. I wasn't all that interested in Scotty, but I don't think he needs to worry about the Casey Curse.
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: Steven loves everything about Scotty. J-Lo thinks Scotty has amazing instincts, urging him to always keep grounded. Randy felt like he was at Scotty's concert, though he also seems to be thinking that Scotty will be playing concerts at a neighborhood bar-and-grill.

Singer: Naima Adedapo
Song: "I'm Still Standing"
My Take: Naima's just screwing with us at this point, pouring a heaping helping of "reggae swagga" onto this Elton John joint, launching with a Jamaican-flavored shout-out to the people in the world who are still standing. But the opening accent isn't a temporary affectation. She's doing the entire song accented. It's a weird choice and I'm open to interpretation that it's verging on offensive. If on Music of Bob Marley Night, Scotty McCreery came out and tried spitting patois, you'd be all, "Dude. STOP." But you know the funny thing? "I'm Still Standing" actually lends itself decently to the reggae rearrangement. I don't mind it and Naima's having fun messing with the audience. She's reached this weird point, though, where she probably isn't allowed to just "sing" every again. The minute she does a ballad without a funny accent or a crazy dance interlude, the judges will say, "Where's the Naima we loved in Hollywood?" and she'll get voted out immediately. So keep bringing the wackiness, Naima.
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: J-Lo loves Naima and loves her reggae swag, but she didn't like the flipping of the song. "It was a better idea than it was payoff for me," J-Lo says. Randy loves reggae, but he says that the arrangement came off "corny." J-Lo tries insisting that you have to respect Naima for trying. "Good for you for picking a song that fits you," Tyler says. And that's Steven Tyler's constructive criticism. "What's for you is for you, what's for me is for me," Naima tells Randy.

Singer: Paul McDonald
Song: "Rocket Man"
My Take: This ought to be a good theme for Paul, since he's the only guy this season who remembers buying Elton John records back in the '70s. Paul's working the rose-splattered suit and the guitar and it's always nice to see his enhanced comfort level when he gets to instrumentalize. Paul's still such a darned welcoming performer. As usual, he greets the audience and asks us how we are. As he hits the chorus, he seems to be urging us to join him, but since he's rearranged the melody slightly, nobody can actually sing along. Heck, the way the melody has been arranged, even Paul is barely singing along. The range of the original has been squished to almost nothing and Paul still isn't hitting a lot of the notes. He remains an absolutely lock to win "America's Hobo Troubadour."
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: Randy calls it "quiet comfort," which is a terrific description. But J-Lo wonders if Paul is holding back. Randy wants Paul to go all the way. Tyler rambles for a bit. "When you start singing and hitting every note, I'm not going to like you anymore," Tyler adds.

Singer: Pia Toscano
Song: "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"
My Take: Dang. That was a bombshell red dress Pia was wearing on her fashion shoot last week. Tonight's dress is short and sparkly. Oh look. Not only is Pia singing another big ballad this week, but she's singing a big ballad that already has had its definitive "American Idol" cover. And no, I'm not just kissing up to scary Clay Aiken fans here. There's a place in the middle where you can actually hear Pia trying a little bit too much. That wouldn't be unusual for most "Idol" singers, but Pia rarely seems to be sweating under the spotlight and tonight there are a couple runs that maybe she didn't need, a couple notes that she's shouting that in previous weeks might have been sung? But perhaps she's taken to heart that the judges want to see just a little more energy and this effort is her way of showing energy? Meh. I'm nit-picking. It's not a small song and she's making it bigger, as opposed to Paul, who shrunk "Rocket Man" down to nearly nothing.
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: "Pia, you've done it again," Steven raves. "That's just about as good as it gets," Tyler adds. "I felt you more than I have before," J-Lo says. J-Lo wants Pia to break through the barrier. "You've sung a ballad every time and guess what, you've slayed 'em every time," Randy says, before comparing Pia to Whitney and Mariah. Randy still suggests that maybe a mid-tempo song next week wouldn't kill Pia?

Singer: Stefano Langone
Song: "Tiny Dancer"
My Take: Oh, Stefano. So cheesy. Couldn't you have found a song that was a little bit less lyrically intricate? Lyrics are Stefano's kryptonite and this is a song that's all about the preciseness and passionate yearning of the words. He puts the emphasis on the wrong words, almost without fail. In some cases, he's mumbling words so badly I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what the lyric even is, much less what it means. I guess we give him credit for not singing the chorus about Mr. Tony Danza? I keep waiting for the song to build to something awesome when he gets to the chorus, but instead it builds to something smarmy and nasally. By the end, when Stefano comes over the the judges' table and practically runs his fingers through J-Lo's hair, Randy's cracking up.
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: J-Lo felt like Stefano moved the crowd, calling it both "amazing" and "really good." Randy raves that Stefano's eyes were open throughout. Tyler thinks Stefano nailed it. I have absolutely no idea what they watched or heard.

Singer: Lauren Alaina
Song: "Candle in the Wind"
My Take: I wonder which time Lauren Alaina thinks is "the first time" this song came out. One nice thing about Stefano "Mumbles" Langone is that he makes me immediately appreciate Lauren's careful enunciation. I don't have a clue who or what she's singing the song to -- whatever meaning and heft John gave the song when singing about Marilyn Monroe and then Princess Di has vanished entirely -- but she's nailing the lyrics. The vocals are solid, country-fied stuff. She could have gone a bit bigger, but I almost applaud Lauren for going under-stated.
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: Randy calls it one of the greatest Lauren Alaina performances on the stage. "That was just perfect," Tyler says, before joking that if she keeps singing like that, she'll be able to afford the rest of her dress. I honestly hadn't noticed that Lauren's wearing a cape-and-mini combo. Suddenly Lauren is self-conscious, as many teenage girls would be to be sexually harassed by a 75-year-old cadaver. J-Lo calls her gorgeous and says the performance was gorgeous as well.

Singer: James Durbin
Song: "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)"
My Take: James is bound and determined to use the audience as a prop tonight, even though Jimmy Iovine doesn't seem especially convinced this a good idea. James does, indeed, begin in the upper deck behind the stage before working his way down the stairs, down into the audience and back again. I'll say this for James: He's in good enough shape that he doesn't run out of lung-power. He also gives up the running-through the audience thing fairly early. He spend a little time standing at the microphone before getting restless and jumping on top of the piano and taking a big leap off. This has to be the most heavily insured "American Idol" performance in history. I've counted seven different places in which Steven Tyler would have broken a hip. By the end, James is wailing, the stage is engulfed in flames and who the heck knows what the actual song was that James sang or how he wasn't. I suspect that if you close your eyes and just listen, that was pretty bad, but who was doing that? This was more like the "Goodfellas" nightclub tracking shot of performances. Only not so good.
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: "You go where no man can go, but just don't wear out your welcome," Tyler cheers. "When you're up there, I forget that it's a competition show," J-Lo says, calling it "a full performance of a great song by a great artist." Randy loved that James was having a great time. James says that his biggest fear was having A Pepsi Moment. Now he's referring to Michael Jackson here, but Seacrest doesn't have a clue what the joke is and tries to clarify that the show is sponsored by Coke. James is confused at Seacrest's confusion. You can sense him wanting to say, "Dude. I'm not advertising for the competition. A Pepsi Moment is having your hair catch on fire and your be forever changed for the worse."

Singer: Thia Megia
Song: "Daniel"
My Take: Thia's not actually singing to me tonight. She's singing about the pain of missing her brother. And she's singing with Jimmy Iovine's threat that if she doesn't connect, she'll be going home. Count Thia in with the singers who have been coached on enunciating. So good for you, Thia! Way to say the words! As for the notes? Well, those are a bit rougher. You could give Thia the credit to say that she's so overwhelmed by emotion that she can't be bothered to hit notes? Sure. Let's say that. But to say that, you'd have to ignore how darned sleepy this whole performance is. There's no energy and even less genuine emotion. I'm very glad, though, that Thia didn't sing anything from "The Lion King," because then she'd have had to talk about how it came out before she was born. And that really might have made me get stabby, as opposed to just sleepy.
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: "That was really beautiful," says J-Lo, who has abandoned her substantive judging from last week. Randy liked that it was relaxed, but he says there were "a couple" pitch issues. Randy feels that it was too safe. "When you find the right song, the voice appears and that's what happened tonight," Steven says. Really? Here's the thing, judges: You know why Casey was voted out last week? Because viewers are sheep, at least a little. They need the judges because somebody has to help them separate the wheat from the chafe. If the judges serve no purpose in distinguishing between good performances and awful performances (Stefano and Thia), then they serve no purpose.

Singer: Casey Abrams
Song: "Your Song"
My Take: At the urging of the producers, Casey has trimmed the beard and gotten a haircut. I'm just glad he didn't get rid of it entirely. Casey, now looking clean and presentable, starts this performance on a stool, accompanied only by a piano. This is a very good change-of-pace performance from Casey, who has had doubters wondering if he can actually sing, or if he's just a growler. Wonder no more. The guy can sing. And we don't need to worry that this is what Casey's likely to do next week or the week after, but it's nice to know that he can do sweet, pure and earnest if required. That being said, the best part of the performance comes at the end, when he adds just enough growl sell some emotion other than "benign tenderness," closing on a solid falsetto.
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: Randy says that Casey's performance was nice and tender and brilliant. Steven either loved the last two falsetto notes of Casey's performance, or hated them. I can't tell. He initially indicated the latter, but apparently meant the former. J-Lo says she's lost sleep over some of her decisions this season, but she had no regrets about putting Casey through.

Singer: Jacob Lusk
Song: "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"
My Take: Jimmy Iovine seems to be implying that this is a Jacob performance sans over-dramatization. And yet it starts with a warbling, vibrato-heavy falsetto? I know that "over-dramatization" means something different for Jacob than for other performers, but come on... And can you really be said to be avoiding over-dramatization when you're wailing away in a glass-shattering upper register engulfed in a foot of fog-machine-provided smoke? Jacob, The Phantom of the Opera called and even he thinks you're being a little theatrical. [As an aside, Jacob hits all of the notes well and unlike Pia or Thia or Stefano, I never doubt his degree of feeling or sincerity. In fact, I think if this hadn't been advertised as understated Jacob, I might have felt that it actually *was* understated. As Jimmy Iovine would tell you, it's all about hype.]
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: Tyler loved the first half of the song and the second half equalled the first half. J-Lo references Robbie Rosen. NICE! Randy loved the first half, but he actually felt that Jacob had too much restraint. He wanted to see his "Jacob Spot." Ew.

Singer: Haley Reinhart
Song: "Bennie and the Jets"
My Take: I'm not sure I remember a more surprising use of the "Idol" pimp position. Is Haley about to blow the doors off this here "Idol" barn? Damn. Haley starts off curled up on the piano, "The Fabulous Baker Boys"-style. It's a kitchen sink performance from there. There's definite growling. There's sex kitten purring. There's a little near-yodeling. I'm pretty sure she's doing the chorus in parseltongue, she's hissing so aggressively. There's even a little near-scatting. It's all over the place. Nobody's accusing Haley of being understated tonight. But I kinda like some of the places it goes. Jimmy Iovine's notion that this is Haley bringing everything together is ludicrous. There's no "together" to this performance, but I'm not immune to the component parts in their cute package.
Steven, J-Lo and Randy Say: "That was it, Haley!" J-Lo raves. "It all came together," she continues enthusiastically. "Best performance of the night," Randy barks. "You sing sexy," Tyler adds.

TONIGHT'S BEST: Twas a middling night of "American Idol." I can tell you some people I enjoyed, including Casey, Pia and bits and pieces from Haley. But "best"? Meh. None of these performances are going to have me heading to iTunes.

TONIGHT'S WORST: This was not a very good week for Stefano and Thia. And while I don't expect he's going to be in any danger, James Durbin's frantic craziness was almost certainly more entertaining in the room than it was from home.

IN DANGER: I could imagine five or six different people falling into the Bottom Three, possibly even including Scotty McCreery for a dull performance from the opening slot. I'd have bet dollars to donuts that Haley was doomed no matter what she did, but the combination of over-praise from the judges and the pimp slot should keep her safe. I'm predicting Thia and Naima to go home, with Stefano edging out Paul McDonald for the last spot. But if you look back, the judges didn't have real criticisms for a single performer, which is total crazy-sauce.

Who did you like? Who did you dislike?
Popstar Elton John im Interview mit TV DIGITAL
Popstar Elton John im Interview mit TV DIGITAL / Fotos: © Theo Kingma für TV DIGITAL
Der Musiker privat

Popstar Elton John im Interview

Für den Animationsfilm "Gnomeo und Julia" (Kinostart: 24. März 2011) hat Pop-Legende Elton John nicht nur seine besten Hits zur Verfügung gestellt; er verkörpert auch selbst einen animierten Gartenzwerg. TV DIGITAL sprach mit dem Ausnahme-Musiker über Zwerge, seinen neugeborenen Sohn und seine Modevorlieben.
Lesen Sie auch unsere Kinokritik zu "Gnomeo und Julia".
TV DIGITAL: In Ihrem neuen Film "Gnomeo und Julia" machen Sie sich über sich selbst und Ihre Musik lustig.
Elton John: Ich hoffe, dass ich mich selbst noch nie zu ernst genommen habe. Weder als Mensch noch als Künstler. Als Künstler sind wir begnadete Menschen. Wir sind, so wie wir sind. Das macht uns aber nicht wichtiger als andere, und wenn man keinen Witz über sich selbst ertragen kann, ist das sehr traurig. Ich liebe es, mich über meine Musik und mich selbst lustig zu machen. Deswegen reizen mich Projekte wie "Gnomeo und Julia" oder "Saturday Night Live".
TV DIGITAL: Sie haben einen Ruf als schillernde Persönlichkeit, aber hätten Sie sich in Ihren wildesten Träumen je als Zwerg vorgestellt?
Elton John: Nein, bestimmt nicht als Zwerg. Und auch nicht als Warzenschwein. Als Tim Rice damals auf mich zukam und mich bat, Musik für seine Liedertext in "Der König der Löwen" zu schreiben, bin ich vor Lachen fast vom Hocker gefallen. Aber Gartenzwerge sind sehr beliebt, vor allem in Europa. Langsam nimmt ihre Popularität auch in Amerika zu, dank der Werbung für den Reiseanbieter Travelocity. Meiner Meinung nach stehen Zwerge jedenfalls eine Stufe höher als Schlümpfe!
TV DIGITAL: Für den Film "Gnomeo und Julia" haben Sie nicht nur neue Musik komponiert, sondern auch Ihre alten Hits verwendet. Versuchen Sie auf diesem Weg, eine neue Generation mit Ihrer Musik anzusprechen?
Elton John: Vielleicht. Ich freue mich immer, wenn meine Musik nicht nur von denen geschätzt wird, die sie schon kennen. Je älter ich werde, desto mehr wende ich mich an die jüngeren Generationen. Mein Sohn ist noch ein Baby, aber ich hoffe, dass er in fünf Jahren diesen Film und "Der Weg nach El Dorado" und "Der König der Löwen" ansehen wird - für die ich auch Musik geschrieben habe - und stolz sein wird.
Die Idee zu "Gnomeo und Julia" stammte aber nicht von mir, sondern von Dick Cook, der damals Chef von Disney war und grünes Licht für den Film gegeben hatte. Es dauerte elf Jahre, bis "Gnomeo und Julia" es auf die Kinoleinwand schaffte. Zuerst war nur geplant, dass ich neue Musik komponiere, aber dann wollte Dick auch meine Klassiker mit einbauen. Normalerweise erlaube ich nicht, dass ein Film sich so frei aus meinem Gesamtwerk bedient, aber da "Gnomeo und Julia" praktisch mein Baby ist, habe ich eine Ausnahme gemacht.
TV DIGITAL: Apropos Baby, wie hat Ihr kleiner Zwerg Ihr Leben verändert?
Elton John: Mein kleiner Zwerg hat in den paar Wochen, in denen er jetzt bei uns ist, schon viel Licht in unser Leben gebracht. Ich habe fantastische Erfahrungen in meinem Leben machen dürfen, in meiner Karriere und auch persönlich, aber unser Sohn ist das i-Tüpfelchen. Diese kleine Seele wird mich mehr lehren, als ich ihr je beibringen kann. Viele meinten, dass ich als Vater zu alt sei. Aber ich fühle mich mit 60 wie 40 und habe den Eindruck, dass es der richtige Zeitpunkt für ein Kind in meinem und Davids Leben ist.
TV DIGITAL: Was hält Sie jung?
Elton John: Ich liebe das Neue. Ich bin kein Künstler, der auf seine Karriere zurückblickt und in der Vergangenheit schwelgt. Ich lerne von der Jugend. Im Alter von 23 bis 28 Jahren war ich sehr erfolgreich. Mein Adrenalin hat mich durch diese fünf Jahre gebracht, und es war eine tolle Zeit. Ich habe immer noch Adrenalin in meinen Adern, aber nicht mehr die Menge wie in meinen jungen Jahren, als ich furchtlos war und Risiken eingegangen bin.
Jede Woche kaufe ich neue CDs, DVDs, ich gehe ins Kino, zu Kunstausstellungen und lese Zeitschriften. Viele meiner Zeitgenossen interessieren sich nicht für die Nachwuchskünstler, aber ich ziehe meine Energie aus ihrer Arbeit. Ich liebe ihren Mut, und deswegen habe ich eine eigene Management-Firma, die jungen Künstlern eine Chance gibt. Und wenn ich 100 bin, werde ich immer noch ein Fan der Jugend sein, mich von ihr inspirieren lassen und hören wollen, was sie auf dem Kasten hat.
TV DIGITAL: Sie sind - neben ihrer Musik - auch für ihren außergewöhnlichen Kleidungsstil bekannt.
Elton John: Ich war nie ein ausdrucksstarker Sänger wie etwa Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart oder Freddie Mercury. Ich saß immer vor einer Klaviertastatur fest. Ich versuchte, ein bisschen Bewegung in meine Darbietung zu bringen, indem ich aufs Klavier sprang, darunter kroch oder auf der Bühne herrum rannte. Und dann entdeckte ich einen anderen Weg, mich abzuheben: die Mode. Ich wollte optisch beeindrucken und wusste von Anfang an, dass ich mich nicht mit einem schwarzen Anzug oder Jeans und T-Shirt zufrieden geben würde. Ich liebe es, mich zu verkleiden! Ich bin ein großer Mode-Liebhaber. Am Anfang habe ich Mister Freedom getragen. Dann habe ich mir tolle Kostüme von Bill Whitton schneidern lassen. Jahrelang hatte ich das Glück, Kleidung von Gianni Versace angefertigt zu bekommen, Und Yoji Yamamoto trage ich heute noch auf der Bühne.
Wenn ich die heutige Musikszene betrachte, ist Lady Gaga meine uneheliche Tochter! Sie hat mich letztes Jahr in meinem Haus besucht, weil wir zusammen einen Ball veranstaltet haben, um Geld für die AIDS-Hilfe zu sammeln. Sie passte fast nicht durch die Tür, so hoch waren ihre Absätze. Ich liebe Menschen wie Lady Gaga! Oder Tilda Swinton, Helena Bohnam Carter. Sie stechen aus der Menge heraus. Sie brauchen keinen Stylist, der ihnen sagt, wer sie sind. Alle haben Bjork damals ausgelacht, als sie in einem Schwankleid zu den Oscars erschien. Aber alle erinnern sich noch daran, was sie trug und reden heute noch darüber. Niemand erinnert sich mehr daran, was die anderen trugen!
TV DIGITAL: Vielen Dank, Elton John, für das Interview.

'Saturday Night Live' with host Elton John: Your opinion is desired.

by Ken Tucker

Elton John is hosting Saturday Night Live this week; he’s also the musical guest.
The promos the show has released suggest an Elton fully confident he’s up for the task. Or  at least the task of grappling with Kristen Wiig:
You may notice a theme in these two clips; in the first, Elton is called a “diva”; in the second, he refers to himself as a “bitch.” I’d be  mildly surprised if we don’t get one about the impending royal wedding with Elton playing the Queen.
It’s been a couple of weeks since there was a new SNL; a lot has happened in the world. Those twin babies became an internet sensation; two girls got booted off American Idol during (what else?) Elton John-theme-week; and I’ll bet SNL has heard that there’s a lot going on with America’s foreign policy.
What are your guesses for the sketch themes SNL will address?
Please suggest and opine away, below: now, during, and immediately after the show airs. Then come back early tomorrow morning for a piping-hot, fresh review of the show; thanks.

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