Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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quinta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2010

The glasses greener for Elton

The glasses greener for Elton

Elton John
Pop attack ... Sir Elton John

SIR ELTON JOHN may have a contemporary taste in luminous green eyewear, but the pop veteran has blasted modern music.

The singer insists today's chart offerings don't hold a Candle In the Wind to those of yesteryear.
Speaking on Radio 2, Elton told STEVE WRIGHT: "I'm Victor Meldrew-ish about mediocrity on television and music and stuff like that.
"I just find when you look at music in the late 60s, early 70s, during the 70s and even some of the 80s, it's so much better than it is now.
"It's not just me being grumpy, it's just a fact."
However, the rocker has softened his stance on The X Factor.
While Sir Elton fears for the young contestants' well-being, he can understand the appeal of applying for the show.
He said: "If I was young I suppose I'd want to go on X Factor. I won't be hypocritical about it. Or American Idol or whatever.
"It does vault you into the spotlight. The thing I complain about is that if you are vaulted into the spotlight and you haven't got anything to back it up.
"I always feel for the artist. I always care about the people who are thrust into the spotlight."
One such artist he panicked would go off the rails is Britain's Got Talent runner-up SUSAN BOYLE.
He added: "At the moment Susan Boyle seems to be holding her own. I was worried about her. But she seems to be really enjoying it and that's great.
"It makes me happy that she's successful and it seems to me she's a really lovely woman. It's a really lovely story."

Friday 26 November 2010

Elton to perform at royal wedding?

Sir Elton John has suggested he could have a role at next year's royal wedding.
The musician - who was a favourite of Prince William's late mother Diana, Princess of Wales - said he would "probably" perform.
Sir Elton famously performed at Diana's funeral after the lyrics to his hit Candle In The Wind were adapted to reflect her life. The song went on to become the biggest selling single in UK chart history as it tapped into the nation's grief.
William and fiancee Kate Middleton announced their engagement last week and are to marry on April 29 at Westminster Abbey.
When Radio 2 presenter Steve Wright asked Sir Elton whether he would perform at the wedding, he replied: "I probably am."
But he then quickly joked: "I'll probably be busking outside."
The singer - who is soon to take a role as guest editor for The Independent newspaper - said he would not be commissioning much about the royal date.
"There's not going to be much about the royal wedding in there, though. I think we've had enough of that for the time being."
Sir Elton also bemoaned the state of the music world and its "mediocrity".
He told the Steve Wright in the Afternoon show: "I just find when you look at music in the late 1960s, early 1970s, during the 1970s and even some of the 1980s, it's so much better than it is now. That's a fact. It's not just me being grumpy, it's just a fact."

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60s sensation Kiki Dee to appear at Theatr Harlech

SHE’S had a hit single with Elton John and starred in acclaimed West End musicals – Kiki Dee is still at the top of her game, drawing in the crowds more than 40 years after she became a 60s teen sensation.
The secret of her success is an ability to reinvent herself. In her 40s, when it seemed her pop career may have run its course, she became an award-nominated actress, and now she’s teamed up with guitarist Carmelo Luggeri in an acoustic show playing intimate venues across Europe, with a stop in North Wales next month.
Born in Bradford, Kiki began her singing career with a local dance band and in the mid 60s was invited to London to record for Fontana Records.
She also worked in cabaret around the UK and appeared on radio and TV, such as The Morecambe and Wise Show.
But it was in the 70s when she signed to Elton John’s label Rocket Records that her career really took off with songs like Amoureuse and I’ve Got The Music In Me, and in 1976 the mega-hit duet with Elton, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.
It’s still popular, with versions recorded in recent years by indie band Frightened Rabbit, chart-toppers Atomic Kitten and TV’s Glee.
“I think with me it’s been more about the style of the music than the celebrity, and I’ve always tried to stay true to that. I always want to evolve and develop, and love that challenge. What Carmelo and I do allows for that. We’re busy writing new material for the show, we try to keep it fresh, but we do play some of the old familiar songs as we want to make it an enjoyable evening for everyone,” she explained.
“I love the freedom and creativity of this phase in my working life, having a recording studio at my disposal and communicating with live audiences in an intimate setting is a great challenge and very rewarding.

25.11.2010 10:55
Elton John. Photo from website
Elton John. Photo from website

Elton John invites Russia's President to his concert

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has received a personal invitation from the British rock singer, pianist and composer Elton John to his solo concert, scheduled for December 13 in St. Petersburg (at the Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex).

The singer is going to perform his best hits there, including "Believe", "Candle in the Wind", "I'm Still Standing" and "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting".

An official letter in which the singer makes a note of the Russian leader's commitment to rock music and adds that he would be extremely grateful if Dmitry Medvedev accepted his invitation was sent to the Kremlin. A day earlier, on December 12, Sir Elton John is going to give a concert in the metropolitan Crocus City Hall.

No information is yet available of Dmitry Medvedev's reaction to this letter and his plans.

Elton John

ELTON John first took cocaine in 1974, when he was recording his album Caribou, in Colorado.
The Rocket Man hitmaker says his manager at the time introduced him to the drug.
“I walked into one of the back rooms in the studio,” Elton recalls, “and there was my manager and a couple of other people with this white powder in a line, and I said, ‘What on earth is that?’ They said, ‘Cocaine’, and I thought, ‘Hmmm. Can I try some?’
“I was so naive I didn’t even know my band smoked joints and they were the biggest pot-heads in the world. And I thought, I’m one of the boys now.”
Elton, 63, recently revealed he doesn’t own an iPod, computer or a “a portable phone” and is the only person he knows who can remember telephone numbers.
“Everybody else puts them into their phone. I feel like a grumpy old man, but I’ve made the choice not to join in with all that,” he said in a newspaper interview.
John then went on to say he “f***ing hates” pop videos and is not a fan of D-list celebrities.
“I loathe celebrity. I can’t stand it,” he said.

Bus Driver Sings Elton John

I hop on the tour bus in Hollywood and what do I find but a singing tour guide. It was real funny. Unfortunately he seemed to take it very seriously.

Absolute to stream Elton John gig in HD audio

Absolute Radio is to stream an exclusive Elton John gig in high-quality audio.
It comes as the radio network introduces live streaming content via its smartphone mobile apps across all its channel brands, including Absolute Radio, Absolute Classic Rock, Absolute 80s, Absolute Radio 90s and Absolute Radio extra.
Next month Absolute Radio will launch its new online player. This will give users the option of streaming in higher sound quality of 192 kilobits per second.
The Elton John gig will take place at London’s The Union Chapel in Islington. Listeners can stream it at from Monday 29 November at 7pm.
Sir Elton said, “For every artist, sound quality is so important, and when recording a live gig I don’t want to lose any quality at all. I want Absolute Radio listeners to feel like they’re hearing me perform live.”
Absolute Radio was confirmed as one of Apple’s iAd launch partners last week ( 18 November 2010).
The radio station has also been involved with Nokia’s heavyweight campaign for the N8 handset. It created a bespoke app for the handeset featuring the Absolute Radio Music Quiz ( 20 October 2010).

Absolute Radio to Stream Elton John Gig In Full High Definition For The First Time Ever

In what will be another radio first, Absolute Radio will be making our exclusive gig with the legend that is Elton John, available on-demand to stream in, high definition audio – ‘Full HD’ from Monday 29th November
The gig which will be held in the beautiful acoustics of The Union Chapel in Islington, London will be recorded and then streamed at using a linear equivalent lossless audio technology.
The gig will be the first piece of audio that we will record and stream in ‘Full HD’ which uses a Fully Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) meaning no quality is lost at all – Absolute Radio is the first UK radio station to do this!
We’re very happy about this but it seems Sir Elton John is too saying: “For every artist sound quality is so important and when recording a live gig I don’t want to lose any quality at all. I want Absolute Radio listeners to feel like they are actually watching me perform live – full HD is definitely the way forward!”
The Absolute Radio network is also going to start live streaming content via its Smart Phone mobile applications in a similar high extra quality option (128kbps) for all of its live channels – Absolute Radio, Absolute Classic Rock, Absolute 80s, Absolute Radio 90s and Absolute Radio extra.
Absolute Radio’s new online player interface, due to launch in early December will also have a UK option of streaming the station’s audio in extra high quality sound (192kbps).

Billy Joel recovering after double hip replacement surgery

  • November 25th, 2010 7:08 am ET

Billy Joel doing extremely well after hip surgery says rep
Photo: Steven Henry/Getty Images

Billy Joel, 6-time Grammy winner, won't be on stage any time soon due to the singer/songwriter having surgical replacement of both hips last week.
People Magazine reports that the 61-year old "Piano Man" decided to undergo the grueling, bilateral surgery due to a congenital condition.
Claire Mercuri, spokeswoman for the "It's Still Rock And Roll To Me" singer says, "Billy Joel is doing extremely well following bilateral hip replacement."
However, there is no mention of where Joel is recovering, when he might be released, or if he is scheduled to appear in 2011.
The Songwriter's Hall of Fame musician wrapped up his "Face To Face" tour with fellow pianist Elton John this year on March 11, at Times-Union Center in Albany, New York.
Joel told Rolling Stone Magazine, "We'll probably pick it up again.  It's always fun playing with him."
On Nov. 16, the "Big Shot" songwriter launched "Billy Joel:The Hits," a compilation of 19 top dittys that includes: "New York State Of  Mind," "Moving Out," "You May Be Right," "The Longest Time," "My Life," and "Tell Her About It."
The songster's "Uptown Girl," however, is sadly missing.
In October, ContactMusic reported that the hitmaker signed a $2.25 million book deal with Harper Collins for a tell-all autobiography.
Meanwhile, documentary Last Play At Shea, the story of Billy Joel and the history of the Mets, also hit theaters this fall with Joel musical guests Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, Tony Bennett, Garth Brooks, Don Henley, and Steven Tyler.
In 2011, Columbia Legacy Recordings will commemorate the 40th anniversary of Billy Joel's first solo album with a reissue of expanded editions of the singer's complete catalog.
For more information about Billy Joel, you can visit the singer at his official website.

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