Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

Elton John Calls Kanye West Album Genius

Elton John Calls Kanye West Album ‘Genius,’ Defends Hip-Hop

Elton John and Kanye West
The legendary Elton John previously showed his love for hip-hop by performing with Eminem at the 2001 Grammys. But his respect for the music doesn’t end there. The pop virtuoso, who guests on Kanye West’s star-studded single “All of the Lights,” expressed his fondness for Kanye’s latest album and rap in general.

Elton showered praise on Mr. West’s critically-acclaimed fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. “I grew to love R&B and Motown and all black music, gospel music. I never dismiss any form of music,” he told “I listen to everything. I’m on the new Kanye West record, for example. It’s a genius record.”
He was quick to defend the genre against those who malign it. “People who mock rap, and say, ‘I don’t like it,’ they should go check out Kanye in the studio rapping,” said the knighted musician. “Or Eminem when he’s in the studio. It’s a phenomenon. Don’t knock it until you’ve seen it. It may not be your cup of tea, but don’t ridicule. I find that so many of my peers of my age don’t listen to anything new. I love the new.”
Kanye recently revealed that the Hype Williams-directed video for “All of the Lights” co-starring Rihanna will make its debut within the next week.

James McAvoy An Elton John Fan

Wednesday 26th January 2011 - 09:18:26
James McAvoy has admitted that he is a big Elton John fan but is yet to meet the hitmaker.
The actor is back on the big screen next month, well his voice is at least, in animation movie Gnomeo & Juliet - which has an Elton John soundtrack.
But in all the time that McAvoy worked on the film his paths never crossed with the Crocodile Rock singer.
Speaking to Parade McAvoy said: "Do you know what? I have yet to meet the fantastic Elton John.
"I'm a total fan of his music and I've been working on this film for I think three years. So every day I would come to work and I would kind of be hoping that that would be the day Elton would be there but he was never there when I was there.
Elton John Benefit Concert pics

Judy ShepardTed Olson, David Boies

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Sir Elton John performed an exclusive full-length concert Jan. 19 at Ron Burkle's Green Acres Estate in Beverly Hills, Calif. Proceeds from the concert benefitted the American Foundation for Equal Rights ( AFER ) , the sole sponsor of the federal court challenge to California's Prop. 8, Perry v. Schwarzenegger. AFER's legal team is headed by Theodore B. Olson and David Boies, opposing attorneys in the Bush v. Gore case that decided the presidency in 2000. Among those appearing at the event were Jane Lynch and wife Lara Embry; Adam Lambert; Dustin Lance Black; Rob Reiner; Gus Van Sant; and Olson and Boies. See http:// . Photos of John and partner David Furnish ( top ) , Judy Shepard ( above left ) and Olson and Boies ( above right ) by Alex J. Berliner/abimages.

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