Biografia Elton John

Biografia Elton John
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domingo, 20 de março de 2011



Alan Hall
A few words with young singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist Alan Hall.

Leicester Bangs: Alan, tell us a little about yourself.
Alan: I am 13 years old and started singing and guitar lessons aged 5. I was fortunate to learn from these older tutors, who had great patience and knowledge.
LB: How did you start out making music?

Alan: I was told early on, that I would have to make my own music (In a nice way of course). I started writing down single and pairs of words that jumped out at me, then moved with them. Also, family friend Roger Glover has given me guidance on many things during our numerous mini jam sessions.

LB: Who did you grow up listening to and how do they influence what you’re doing now?

Alan: I have been told (have a picture) of headphones on my mothers tummy while I was awaiting arrival, listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons - so who knows!
I grew up listening to lots of Northern Soul songs being played at home, but never knew the names of any of those fantastic singers. I also listened to Michael Macdonald, Simply Red and Simon & Garfunkel. I try to work with the intensity and hurt shown in some of their songs.
LB: Tell us about your latest release.

Alan: I have just released three new songs.
“Silly Little Thing” - about being mislead, then realizing it.
“She Thinks Too Little” - talking too much and not thinking about what's said.
“My Friend” - a eulogy song with the pain of losing someone / something.
LB: Do you get out and play your music live?

Alan: To date I have performed at Schools, Church halls, Fete's, a  Ceilidh and a Veterans Hospital.

LB: What aspects of playing and recording music do you most enjoy?
Alan: Practice on the days you eat, I was told a while back, which is what I do. I try to sing my songs as though each was its last time and wanting to leave something to remember. My six songs have all been their first take, which is easier I suppose, when it is just the guitar and me.
LB: Where can people find (and buy) your music?
Alan: At present I have my six songs available on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. (My Website)

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  1. I know Alan for quite a while now, via his channel on YouTube. He is indeed an extraordinary talent in all aspects of his music:

    His songwriting is that of a musical storyteller, who takes you on a journey to show you things he saw, or that he thinks and feels about and has something to tell you about. The lyrics Alan writes are miniatures with intricate details, and differ pleasantly from ordinary "pop songs".

    The path of this journey, that Alan's songs take you on, is being created by well-crafted and well played guitar work. This lays the foundation for melody lines and harmonies that are unique and of fascinating compositional maturity ... Maybe they will puzzle you a bit at first, but then, in no time, these melodies and harmonies will get you hooked, and will amaze you by their mixture of intricate construction and filigree details. What Alan's songs do to you, is so much better felt than described - so you better take a listen!

    Alan's singing finally is the core of his music. You will find a voice that is refreshingly different - full of energy, but subtle - exploring vocal range and layers of expression - coming across to the listener with clarity and force, embroidered with occasional details that have a folky note to them. You will have a hard time putting a label to Alan's vocal talent, or find matches with peer group singers. Alan defines his own style, and does so in a most impressive and amazing way.

    As I said: All of what I just noted down, is far easier felt than described. But if I was to sum it all up in one sentence (yes, I can do that too, if necessary, haha!), I want to put it this way:

    Alan Hall is a bard of the 21st century.


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